Saturday, May 26, 2012

Autism 101 - The Link Between Being The Second Child And Autism

New studies indicate that autism may be related to birth order. And not necessarily the way you may think. The research points to second children being born in under two years difference from their siblings may be at a higher risk of autism. This can be alarming to many parents whose sweet little ones were born close in age.
The reasons why are not well documented yet. It seems age and race of the parents does not matter at all, it is still presenting higher prevalence in all second born children.
Some researchers believe it has to do with the mother's body simply not having enough time between pregnancies to recuperate enough vital nutrients such as folic acid.
Folic acid is an integral part of a child's development in the womb. A lack of it can lead to developmental delays, as well as preventable deformities in embryos.
Could this explain the increase in autistic children?
As woman move more into the work force and out of the home, the age which a woman becomes pregnant is getting later and later. And with those later in life pregnancies the pressure to have another child soon after is increased.
No parent wants to think the timing of their child's birth could play a role in whether or not they have autism, but this new study could indicate exactly that.
By not allowing our bodies to fully recuperate after a pregnancy, we are robbing our bodies and our next child of the needed vitamins and minerals that they need for proper development.
Some others argue that the reason for the rise of autism in the second child, is that we simply have a control child to compare them to. Little Will isn't hitting milestones at the same time his older brother did. And the red flag goes up.
With our first child, there is no one to compare them to on a daily basis. Therefore, they may be slipping through the cracks, as children who could have been diagnosed at an earlier stage in life but wasn't simply for our own lack of education and knowledge of developmental stages.
No matter what is causing the autism in our children, one thing is certain, autism is on the rise, and we need to find out why if we are to help those severely affected by this disorder.
Now we all love our children irregardless, but finding the reason autism is here, and on the rise should be on the forefront of all our minds. Only with research and education will we be able to find the source and help children affected.
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