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Combating Visual Perceptual Disorders In Autism

Visual perceptions can affect a number of kids that have autism and you should not assume that all autistic children are affected in a certain way since autism can cause unique type of symptoms in different child.
Do your best to match the most accurate remedies according to the signs that is shown in your child.
With the case of visual perception, there are methods available out there for your child to use which can effectively improve their condition. Those approaches let them view the world in a new light thus making learning and understanding of situations smoother than before.
At the same time, utilizing those tactics can possibly control behavioral issues that are associated with autism.
People who have their sensory easily overwhelmed and distorted are also common among the population that are not suffering from autism. This characteristic have brought about many studies on it and over the years there are multiple treatment options that is being made available.
For autistic individuals, they usually discover that the sensory overload that are generated by lights, colors, contrast, shapes and patterns is simply too unbearable and this is the reason why you see them acting out or totally isolating themselves in general.
Complication of the sensory could be due to a genetic condition and what autism did is to naturally enhance it.
What this mean is that if the parents have problem with reading or been treated previously for visual perceptive issues, then the child would almost certainly need help too.
One practical way of treating visual-perceptual disorders is by using the Irlen Method. In a nutshell, this process takes color and then use it to achieve a better harmonized surrounding.
Helen Irlen had pioneered the studies of visual perception and is credited with the discovery of Scotopic Sensitivity Syndrome (SSS) or also known as Irlen Syndrome.
Have you ever heard of suggestions that improve the speed and technique of your reading by placing a color filter over the page? If you do, then you will comprehend better what the Irlen Method can achieve.
Studies have shown that this method does work. The result can be seen exceptionally well if your autistic child's level of reading is at the intermediate stage.
The idea is to use the color filters and then evaluate whether there is any improvement in reading speed and comprehension. The wave length of lights that are causing discomfort must be eliminated.
Sensitivity to the wrong light or color can lead to fatigue, strain and an environment with higher distortion. Offending colors can be filtered by observing for any positive changes and then implementing the color that works with the individual at all time.
Please keep in mind that the technique require a bit of trial and error effort since you need to determine which color is the one that is is blocking the undesirable light.
Different child will respond differently to the various colors.
The usage of these color filters will usually take place throughout their life. Yearly evaluation is needed to determine the effectiveness of the colors because fading colors means fading benefit.
Other than reading, you may apply it to copying, handwriting or during usage of computer.
Another thing to take note is that your autistic child would probably appreciate the usage of the color filters during the entire day instead of only when reading. There are glasses designed especially for this purpose by having colored lenses.
Beside the filters and lenses, you can also consider using colored light bulbs within the surrounding of an autistic persons who have visual perception condition. A wonderful application to this is when your child is too young with limited language capability thus by observing for any difference in behavior could mean an indication of a problem.
An important aspect to remember here is that an individual with visual perception disorder will prefer and feel more comfortable with indirect natural lighting or incandescent lighting. Avoid fluorescent lightning and maintain a dimly lit room instead of bright.
There are 4 main criteria that the above approach will benefit your child namely depth perception, social integration, education and their physical wellness.
Depth perception is improved when the right colors assist the child to establish how near or far they are from a certain object. Their world will turn more three-dimensional.
In the area of social integration, the autistic child will feel more relaxed. This will give them a conducive environment to clearly interpret expressions on the faces of people around them.
Uncomfortable feeling like light-headedness and headaches can be greatly reduced while reading and the child will feel more motivated during learning session.
All this contribute to them being less stressed out so that their physical well being can develop properly.
There are clinics and professionals all around the world that have been certified in the Irlen Method. Help your child deal better with their autism by carefully testing this method or any other technique and minimize their visual processing problems.
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