Thursday, May 17, 2012

Treatment For Fragile X Syndrome

Fragile X syndrome is a type genetic disorder that causes limitations in the physical, behavioral, intellectual and emotional development of the child. It is also known as Martin-Bell syndrome. A single mutation of gene is passed on from one generation to the next and that is how this syndrome manages to find its way into every generation. Also, this particular syndrome is prevalent among all races and ethnicities.
This particular mutant gene makes the body incapable of producing the proteins required for brain cells to develop and function normally. The lack of proteins causes several developmental defects in the brain leading to retardation.
Fragile X affects the intelligence, emotional and behavioral growth of a person. Also, several people tested for this syndrome showed extremely low levels of IQ. In addition, the facial features of the person will be elongated with long and/or protruding ears.
There is no precise cure for this particular disorder. Although there is no treatment plan available, one can use several methods to control the symptoms of the condition. Also, it is very important to lead a normal life when a person has this type of syndrome. The Federal law states that people with this disorder can actually get education in public school systems. However, the progress that the child is making should be evaluated frequently. If they need additional help in coping with their studies, it should be provided through special education.
Fragile X is not a disease but a condition and there are several ways to manage the condition with the help of psychotherapy, language therapy, speech and behavioral therapy and physical therapy. These services can be provided to the person along with school education and the condition can be easily managed.
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