Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Autism Diet - How to Break the Food-Hyperactivity Connection

Can an autism diet really make a positive difference in an autistic child's daily life?
Jean Genet is a neuroscientist specializing in brain mechanics (how the brain works).
He believes hyperactivity can be reduced and even eliminate by neutralizing the chemical imbalances caused by toxic reactions of childhood vaccinations.
One Of The Major Culprits
Any form of sugar triggers the chemical that initiates hyperactivity.
Non-autistic children are not immune to this, however, sugar really ramps up the autistic child due to the very fact how the autistic child reacts to sugar caused by his or her's own personal levels of toxins left behind by these vaccines.
Sugar Cravings
The hunger response is initiated by the brain when it is low on blood sugar. Blood sugar is the fuel the brain uses to manage mental, physical, and emotional well being. Without proper levels of blood sugar the child or adult will have trouble mentally focusing, experiencing hyperactivity, and quick emotional upsets.
More times than not the issue of hunger is resolved by eating something sweet like a candy bar, cookie, etc. When sugar is introduced into the blood stream it provides enough fuel to quiet the hunger response for up to twenty minutes. From that point on there is not enough fuel left to manage the mental, physical, and emotional responses so the system crashes and takes the child/adult with it.
What Is A Parent To Do?
Refined sugar and processed foods are products of "modern civilization", foods the human body was never
designed to process which is very evident in our Western society today.
Of course hunger is resolved by eating foods without processed sugar disguised on labels as fructose or corn syrup. Natural fruit should be eaten to resolve the immediate hunger issue, followed up by food groups that do not only contain sugar but wheat along with dairy.
Genet is an autism survivor and has eliminated all processed sugar from his diet.
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