Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A Better Learning and Future Using Autism Spectrum Disorder Teaching

Autism Spectrum Disorder teaching is one of the most challenging task that depends on the complexity of the disorder. These children have impairment in communication and language, social and play interaction, behaviors, and sensory. It takes a lot of patience and understanding to people with this disorder for a person to be able to teach effectively. These children have so many needs that figuring out where to start teaching is already a problem.
Effective strategies for autism spectrum disorder teaching should be applied to meet the goal. Factors that can affect in reaching the goal should be known and understand. Many children with autism are sensitive to sound and have difficulty processing auditory stimulation. Classrooms should be placed to a quiet room away from any unnecessary stimulation. Also, students with autism perform best when daily task is routinely. Making visual schedules help children anticipate outcomes and transition. This can be visual or presented with objects that represent a specific task, although good readers can follow icons or printed schedules. In addition, these children have some sensory desires. Many find pleasure in frequent movements, others find deep pressure relaxing, no matter what kind of sensory stimulation would that be, a sensory profile should be done. A sensory diet plan can be implemented throughout the teaching.
Furthermore, many children with autism displays particular interest in a particular topic and this should treated as an opportunity by the teachers. If student shows interest in cars, teachers should provide books regarding different cars, let the child writes about cars, and probably solve problems using cars as an example. Lastly, teaching curriculum should give emphasis to skills that can be used in daily living such as self-care, training for employment opportunities when get old, and becoming a good citizen in the community.
The above strategies are important to have a positive relationship between a teacher and a child with autism spectrum disorder. It may be hard for parents to find the right people to do the autism spectrum disorder teaching for their children, however, sufficient knowledge and the right intervention are the most important to have in order to provide appropriate teaching to children with autism.
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