Wednesday, May 2, 2012

How Do You Assure Autistic Siblings to Get Along With One Another?

Siblings who are in a family with autism present, may have a difficult time for them to relate, understand each other and cope. To assure siblings will get a long with others in the family with autism, requires patience and a huge amount of love.
I believe, if the siblings are taught to be kind and loving, this will encourage them, that when there are mistakes, that are made with the sibling relationships, they will forgive each other.
A child with autism in a family with siblings requires everyone to be taught values. For example, consideration graciousness, respect, sharing and concern for others, which will assure the siblings to get along.
As a parent(s) or caregiver, your job is to relate two imperative things to your children. The first thing is-- tell your child he or she is special and important and you love him or her as much as you always did and that will not change. The second thing is-- to always let your child know, their brother or sister is also special and important and you love them just as much him or her and that will never change either.
Having a child with autism in the family can be challenging for the other siblings to learn how to get along. It is wise never to compare your children to other siblings who are the family.
Each child is special with many unique gifts and challenges, but never compare, elevate, or put one child down against another.
Another way to assure siblings to get along is to teach your children cooperation, team work by having each child share the load of responsibilities of chores that each individual is capable of doing and according to their age.
Praise your children for doing such a great job at their chores, even if it the end result is not perfect. Do not talk down at them or scold them with harsh words. It is the team work and effort that counts.
If your child has autism and is younger than the other siblings, it would be wise to have your older children understand that their younger brother or sister many have some difficulties with certain areas of their functioning, but they are valuable and important but need a little extra help.
In addition, to assuring that the siblings get along with autism in their family, is to have a sense of humor. Have fun with your children and make it enjoyable for all to laugh, make mistakes, dream have goals and understand the talents and gifts of each individual.
This will bring cooperation, team work, self-esteem and create the assurance that siblings will get along with each other.
Unconditional love for all of your children is crucial, no matter how many siblings there are and the various levels of autism that is within the family. Love is the assurance to get along with all members in the family.
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