Sunday, August 21, 2011

Autism Treatment - Causes of Regression

I want to cover the issue of regression, and particularly since the holidays are over, the issue of regression after the holidays. There are several children that I see in my practice who have been very impacted by regression and it is very disturbing for their families. When you have a child who is progressing, has good eye contact, language and socialization and suddenly regresses, losing eye contact, language and is now engaged in more self stimulatory and sensory seeking behaviors, you must ask what is going on?

With the holidays there are always special concerns to address regarding regression, the first is dietary infractions. Maybe over the holidays a child has gluten or dairy that they are not used to eating and that is contributing to regression. Another dietary issue over the holidays is increased sugar and artificial ingredients intake and that can also contribute to regression. Between school parties, parties at friends house, etc, there are more opportunities for dietary infractions that can all add up to regressive behaviors. And if your child has a yeast sensitivity, increase sugars can contribute to yeast overgrowth, leading to issues with eye contact, self stimulatory behaviors and sensory issues.

With the holidays also come changes in schedule and routine that can impact regression. School schedules change with holidays, there is a lot of excitement, maybe even travel involved. That change can make a big impact on a child with Autism and can even cause regression for some kids. And when school starts back up for school aged children after having a few weeks off, that can also cause regression. And when school aged children have to return to school after being off for a couple of weeks, that transition can also spark regression. And if therapy schedules had to be altered during the holidays, that can cause regression as well. The holidays can be very overwhelming and any combination of these things can all increase the possibility of regression. So it may take a parent looking back over a time period to see what has changed in their child's diet, routine or environment to find the cause of their regressive behavior.

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