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Understanding Autism - Autistic Spectrum Disorder

According to statistics, there are about 400,000 autistic children in the united states!

Early diagnosis of autistic children can aide in the increased development of their social skills and the ability to better take care of themselves on a daily basis. Though autistic children are generally highly intelligent, autism impairs them by affective their communication and interaction with others, and the way they respond to external stimuli. Autistic children can often be identified by their difficulty in expressing themselves, or understanding others

Autism is more commonly known in the medical community as "autism spectrum disorder". It was not until the middle of the 1900's that science able to put a lable on something that was affecting so many people, especially children. Although autism is present at birth, signs of this disorder can be difficult to identify during infancy.

Because there is no medical cure for autism, parents of autism children rely on therapies like behavioral modification to help their children. Some children are looking to be reached while others are not. However, most of these children have to be dependent on someone, for their whole life. As if raising an child with autism is not challenging enough in and of itself, many parents of find themselves being made targets for doing everything they can to include their children in as normal a family life as possible.

Autistic children are visual learners and need a structured environment. In recent times a growing interest has been directed to teaching sign language to autistic kids who have failed to develop speech. Another more crucial advantage in teaching sign language is that it would lessen some of the learning problems that these kids face. Some severely autistic children have serious developmental delays, and may never speak.

Just looking at children with autism they seem healthy but in social situations when they "melt down", outsiders believe they are just badly behaved and blame the parents. Caring for these children can be difficult, yet there are steps and actions that can be taken by parents to help them deal with the situations that will arise.

Most parents of autistic children grow to recognize what situations may cause an outburst. Many children rock back and forth, do the same motion with their hands continually. Autistic children that display outbursts of temper tantrums and anger, may create a challenge to manage them emotionally and physically. Because they cannot communicate, child feels he or she is not getting adequate attention they may act out by behaviors such as head-banging, biting themselves or scratching at body parts, to try getting some of the focus on themselves. Anxiety becomes even worse when there is a change in the autistic childs routine. Even positive and "fun" changes, like a school field trip or a visit to the zoo, can increase anxiety and aggressive behaviors.

Choose toys based on developmental level before choosing toys for autistic children, it is important to know what types of toys the child would benefit from. These experts agree that one important way to reach autistic children and help them in their development is through play.

Activities should be fun, challenging and should aim at their overall progress. Setting up activities for autistic children can help a great deal in their development. Bright colors for pictures can stimulate brain activity in the thinking process. Since children with autism develop at different rates and there are varying levels of autism, toys should be chosen based on developmental level.

Choose balance and movement toys along with playing with toys that require repetitive motion. Autistic children like to move things themselves in a repetitive way. Many look at these motions as strange, however many researchers tell you that repetitive movements help them to regulate their bodies.

Taking them for a visit to the park, a museum or to another child's house for a party, is an ideal outdoor autistic kid's activity. Outdoor activities should be conducted with all the necessary preparations and make sure that all precautions are implemented before hand.

Parents of autistic children often struggle to get them to sleep, and therefore struggle with their own sleep as well. The following tips are for parents to help their autistic child get to sleep and stay that way until morning:- set a bedtime and stick to it, including the routines that occur before bedtime. While some children respond well to having a nightlight, others require total darkness with a black out blind over the window for blocking the exterior light as well. Many autistic children sleep better when their bed is pushed up against the wall, as they feel more secure; a corner is even better.

Trying to figure out a puzzling condition like autism can be a lifelong challenge. For many parents, the affection issue may be the biggest. Learn to have fun together, sometimes it is not very easy to have fun with children with autism, but you can love your autistic child unconditionally. With patience and learning to go by the child's cues and not your own, you will be able to connect with your child in a deep and meaningful way.

I know the heartache of having a child with Autism. My best friends step brother has Autism, and although he is not severe, there are alot of emotional and physical challenges every day. There is alot of information and resources out there to help people further understand and cope with an autistic child along with autistic teens and adults.

Additional information as well as finding many resources to help you further understand and cope with the autistic child, visit

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