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Understanding More About Early Signs of Autism

As with any illness, the faster it gets diagnosed, the better it is. Autism is a congenital ailment that is linked to poor communication, erratic behavior patterns and cognitive dysfunctions. Noticing the early signs of Autism will help treat or rather aid the child. There is no cure for Autism even in mild forms, but there are treatments that can help the person reduce the symptoms of autism.

As these signs are visible early, parents can notice any abnormal development or if the child is not keeping up with the peers. Slow learning, poor interactions are some of the early signs of Autism. It helps if the parents have the knowledge of what are early signs of Autism. Usually a child shows these signs starting as early as six months and is often noticeable by the age of 3 years.

Early Signs of Autism

When a baby is not smiling or interacting around six months, focuses closely for a long time on a toy, no babbling or grasping by a year old are just a few of the "red flags" to watch out for. Other symptoms or indications include using at least two words by 2 years, stares into space without acknowledging others and ignores others even when they speak to them. Parents might want to keep a diary of any abnormal signs of behavior they notice. They can take this with them to the physician to help discuss their concerns.

When a parent tells the physician they feel their child is showing signs that do not match a normal childhood development, there needs to be a diagnosis. Generally, the physician evaluates and goes through a diagnostic method with the child. It will involve a variety of tests for physical to visual reactions.

When a child is diagnosed early then they will have more time to be treated. With successful treatment and caring support, they will be able to deal with their autism symptoms. Some can be taught ways to handle things, taking medication and a change of diet. Often various treatments are tried to find the right measures for each individual. If someone has mild Autism, they can still live a life that is self sufficient. With proper therapies and special education, children with mild autism can cope with daily activities with little help.

Records show that eight in every thousand births results in Autism. Parents can be concerned for their child and that they might have Autism. Having knowledge of the early signs of Autism will help a parent determine if they feel their child is fine or needs help. Often knowledge helps people cope better while the awareness helps them understand the requirements of an autistic child. Although there are behavioral modification therapies and diet control, autism is not curable as it is considered to be a genetic aberration. However, if you are worried that your child showing poor social skills or late development as compared to other children, it might be a good idea to consult a pediatrician.

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