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Distance Learning High School For Autistic StudentsDistance Learning High School For Autistic Students

Many students with autism, autism spectrum disorder (ASD), or Asperger's Syndrome find traditional high schools both frustrating and overwhelming. Typically, children with ASD or Asperger's Syndrome are intelligent students with who can develop a keen interest in a particular subject. Often, they are not well rounded, but would like to take advanced classes the subject or two they excel in.

Children with Asperger's or ASD often struggle socially. One of the symptoms of Asperger's Syndrome is that people with Asperger's have trouble reading social cues, whether they're verbal cues or physical cues. Children with Asperger's have trouble reading facial expressions. These traits often make it hard for children with Asperger's or ASD to fit in socially in a traditional high school. Sometimes children with Asperger's feel isolated and lonely because they have trouble making friends or sustaining relationships. Sometimes children with ASD are targeted by bullies, which can lead to frustration and depression. Parents of children with Asperger's or ASD often worry for the safety of their children at traditional schools.

Many children with Asperger's or ASD choose to homeschool. Choosing to homeschool is a choice a family can make to ensure the safety of their child, but also to help meet the special educational needs of their child with Asperger's or ASD. Many children with ASD want to take advanced classes in particular subjects and can be frustrated in traditional schools because their schedules do not permit this.

Distance learning is often a great choice for high school students with Asperger's or ASD. The online environment is straightforward and easy for them to understand and manipulate. Many children with Asperger's excel in a distance-learning environment because it can be highly structured and regulated. Children with Asperger's tend to like things to be the same and to not have surprises or interruptions. The distance learning online environment for high school students is safe and predictable, enabling children with Asperger's or ASD to feel comfortable and in control.

Children with Asperger's can sometimes have trouble with processing information. Some children with Asperger's or ASD process information more slowly than traditional students. When asked to speed up, children with Asperger's can get easily confused and frustrated. In an online high school environment, distance learning classes provide children with Asperger's the opportunity to work and process information at their own pace. This low-pressure environment allows children with Asperger's to really excel and develop their own talents and abilities, without having to conform to an arbitrary timetable as they would in a traditional school.

Many children with Asperger's feel isolated in a traditional school because other students focus on their differences. Often, these children find a safe 'home' in the online high school environment. Children with Asperger's find that online communication can be easier to master than face to face communication, and they also find that in an online environment, often other students are more accepting and less likely to be concerned about the social issues that might consume students at a traditional high school.

A distance learning high school is a tremendous environment for students with Asperger's or ASD. It provides a safe, challenging place for students to learn and to be in control of their own learning.

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