Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Three Valuable Alternative Tips to Treat Autism

There are hundreds and hundreds of alternative treatments for autism available, leaving parents of autistic children left puzzled as to, what really works, and what is worth investing in. These treatments can be expensive and sometimes painful for the child, and many show no results. Some parents and doctors believe it is not worth the effort, while others are strong believers in some of the treatments. Every child with autism has different tendencies and symptoms, that causes many different reactions to the treatments.

Many doctors have agreed, that there are two proven treatments for people with autism. One is applied behavioral analysis, and the second is a drug treatment. But others disagree and offer different results. Below are listed a few of the alternative therapies that have had results in some individuals with autism, in the past.

*Gluten Free Diets-Many parents have spoken about the difference a gluten free diet can make with their children. A gluten free diet (also referred to, as casein free diet) is introduced to autistic children because, children with autism are often allergic to gluten, which is the protein in wheat, or casein, that is in the protein of milk. If you are able to eliminate these ingredients from the diet, the children usually do not react to having an allergy. Many children may have a full recovery after an autism diagnosis by using a gluten free diet. This is extremely difficult for parents, to eliminate every day foods containing wheat and milk which may be impossible to do for some. The parents who have taken this step, have seen positive changes in their child, and have stated, that is worth it to use the gluten free diet.

*Detoxification-Some parents report that they have experienced results in detoxification of metallic substances, which is the term used for, inactivation of metallic substances. This method is used by medical professionals to bind metals together in medications, and vaccinations. Some children with autism have been reported to have high levels of metal in their systems, meaning, they cannot adequately rid their bodies of mercury following vaccinations. Some children, because they are unable to dispose of the metals in their bodies, are causing overdosing of the metal in their system. Detoxification is known to rid the body of these problematic metals. These therapies are reported by some to work, but are very costly, although there are some over the counter products available for purchase online.

*Antifungal Treatments-Many children seem to respond to anti fungal treatments, which limit the growth of fungi and other microorganisms, which are often detected in the urine of autistic children. There are some forms of fungi and yeasts that are known to cause erratic behavior, and problems like hyperactivity, irritability, aggression, and confusion. These behaviors are considered to be one of the most obvious behavioral issues in autism. With this treatment to rid the child of fungi, the behavioral difficulties appear to subside. Although it is not proven and the results will differ from person to person, most parents admit that every bit of help in this area, to improve the behavior is worth the difficulty of the treatment for their child with autism.

When searching for alternative treatments for autism, these are just a few of the popular approaches that some caregivers and parents have seen to benefit their children.

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