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Reverse Autism

Typically, pediatricians do not know much about autism due to the lack of medical journals on the subject. My suggestion is to find a D.A.N. doctor or a developmental pediatrician. If this is not possible, it's best to do a lot of research and consult with your pediatrician before starting any supplements. The dosage of these supplements can be very high. The last thing you want is further damage being done.

Like many of you, I'm dedicated to reversing my son's autism. Here are my suggestions.

The Biomedical Treatment
There are a few ways parents are reversing autism in their kids. One is D.A.N.'s biomedical treatment. This stands for defeat autism now. Dr.Bernard Rimland has been an awesome resource for autistic children.He is the founder of the Autism Research Institute and helped create Defeat Autism Now. DAN is a great resource for the biomedical treatment. This treatment involves getting tests, adding supplements, and enzymes among others. Below is the short version.

1. Improve diet. More veggies, whole fruit and protein. No junk food! Limit sugars and starches.
2. Minimum of three months on GFCF diet. No bread or milk products.
3. Add digestive enzymes, vitamins and minerals.
4. Test thyroid function and iodine levels.
5. Comprehensive digestive stool analysis and urinary organic acids. Use both tests for intestinal yeast or bacteria. If needed, treat with antifungals, probiotics, and maybe antibiotics. And try specific carbohydrate diet to starve the yeast and/or bacteria.
6. Test for amino acids and if needed, add.
7. Test plasma sulfate and glutathione. If low, supplement.
8. Use chelation challenge to find heavy metal toxicity. If levels are high, treat.
9. Try additional nutrients. Essential fatty acids, DMG/TMG, Methyl-B12
10.Mega B6 with Magnesium (8 mgper lb. of bodyweight and 4 mg. per lb. for magnesium) This is especially important if Kryptopyrole levels test high.
11. Test and treat any viral infections.
12. ABA and RDI therapy is very important.

These steps should be followed in order. Your regular pediatrician should be helpful in referrals for these tests. Please encourage your doctor to go to a DAN conference! They will not only see what you're battling, but they can register with DAN, and get a better understanding of all these tests you're requesting. There's no doubt their office will see more traffic.

Happy & Healthy Kids
A great site is AutismRecoveryVideos.org. You can watch videos of children who have recovered from autism. Don't forget the tissues, because if you're a parent with an autistic child, YOU WILL CRY! These parents have all used the biomedical treatment.

This diet is not only going to help your child. It's very healthy,and I promise that your entire family will feel better. GFCF means gluten and casein free. This means no bread, milk, or any additives or preservatives. Once you get the hang of the diet, it comes quite naturally. When you begin the GFCF diet, keep a journal of dates that removed certain foods. Be sure to space removals out, because some children have bad reactions to food being removed from their diet. Parents have seen a wide range of benefits from the diet. Some children have started talking, most were more calm and focused. A big bonus is the decrease,regularity, and consistency of bowel movements. For more information on the GFCF diet, see squidoo.com/GFCF.

There are many types of therapy parents use to treat their childs autism. Speech, Occupational,Physical, ABA, RDI,and Massage are among the popular.

Here are my opinions. These are not based on fact, or statistics, just my personal experience. You have to find what works for your child. I've never been a big fan of speech therapy for my son. My daughter was in ST at one time and it really helped her a lot...but she speaks. My son has never spoken due to autism. In my opinion, ST is great when there's already speech. Hopefully, I'll be able to take him after his recovery. Occupational really helps a child in getting familiar with the therapy setting and can be useful. My son was a lot more vocal when in OT because he likes a lot of activity. So, we combined OT with ST to encourage speech. I cannot say enough about ABA therapy. I've seen a lot of progress with kids taking this therapy. My son is in ABA, and I believe in it whole-heartedly. RDI is very intense therapy. This is something to begin if ABA isn't making any improvements in your child. Massage therapy is proving very useful among many autistic children. Relaxation, focus,and improvements in behavior are some of the many benefits.

I would probably try these in order, with the exception of massage therapy. If I could go back, my son would be getting this all along. For more info. on ABA, see [http://www.squidoo.com/abatherapy].

Bottom Line
The bottom line is, parents of autistic children are truly resilient, and they are fighters. You are going to haggle with doctors, read tons of information, take a lot of notes, and spend a fortune on food and learning supplies.There are going to be a lot of difficult obstacles put in front of you , but you will overcome them. Every day, you will look into your child's face and know that you're doing everything humanly possible for them. You're a parent! That's what we do best.


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