Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Relationship Between Autism and Communication

Autism can be defined as a disorder of neural development characterized by impaired social interaction and communication and by restricted and repetitive behavior. Speech is only one of the aspects of communication. The body language and the tone make any speech understood better. Autistic people have difficulty in communication on all or any of the aspects of speech, body language or tone.

If speech alone was regarded as communication, there is nothing weird in the communication of autistic people.

More attention is drawn to the aspects other than words during communication. Hence autistic people gradually begin to avoid communicating since it becomes difficult for them to make sense in the aspects of body languages or tone.

For people who only have speech disorder, technology has provided alternate 'media' which converts thought in to words. Alternately, therapy using music is also found to be of effective assistance.

For autistic people who do not understand another person's tone and body's signal, basic communication can be difficult task. The conversation could have interruptions, choice of words could seem literal, body language can seem awkward for the listener, and the confusion they experience of not being able to comprehend another person's communication aspects becomes evident in their broken structure of speech.

Some therapies available to correct such disorders include; speech therapy for developing muscles in the mouth, art or picture therapy which will help them see the various aspects which happen along with speech, music therapy which will show that conversation is a game of transmission and reception of speech and therapy for comprehending aspects like emotions.

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