Friday, January 27, 2012

ABA Therapy is Effective For All Levels on the Autism Spectrum

While typically considered a way to ready moderately autistic children for introduction into a school environment, ABA Therapy can actually prove remarkably beneficial for children on all levels of the autism spectrum. In fact, children who are mildly autistic show remarkable results with the method while children who have sever symptoms frequently experience signs of moderate to full recovery. ABA Therapy is not a cure for autism, but it is a remarkable means of treating a disorder that many people once thought to be untreatable.

ABA Therapy has existed for decades, and has consistently been the most successful and most recommended treatment for autism. It is the only treatment utilized by a majority of school districts as well as the only treatment covered by many insurance programs. There are many years worth of studies to back up the results of ABA Therapy, with results showing improvement for children on all degrees of the autism spectrum.

Studies show that people with all ranges of behavior disorders can benefit from ABA Therapy. In addition, further study on some of the earliest patients shows that the progress made through ABA Therapy carried through into adulthood, with a large percentage of the patients having very successful jobs and working lives. Even those who had heavy disability despite intensive ABA treatment carried their progress into adulthood and found themselves better equipped in social situations such as stores and public transportation systems.

ABA Therapy is something that can be applied across the autism spectrum, but it must be tailored to a child. While a child with mild symptoms may benefit from only a few hours a week, children with more severe symptoms will require intensive training that lasts upwards of forty hours a week. Each child is different and therapy must be tailored to the child and their needs in order to be successful.

In all, ABA Therapy is by far the best available treatment for Autism Spectrum Disorder. Until a cure for autism is found, ABA continues to be the most effective way to help these children lead lives that are as similar to those of their peers as possible. Children of all ability levels who have an ASD can see remarkable benefit from ABA. ABA Therapy may not be a cure, but for many children it offers the best hope for recovery and the best chance to truly live up to their maximum potential.

Garrett Butch is the father of a 6 year old with autism and the founder of Maximum Potential Group.

Maximum Potential has developed courses that train parents and school systems how to work with children with autism.

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