Friday, January 27, 2012

Financial and Medical Assistance for Families with Autistic Children

Having a child with Autism can be financially draining for the family.
Insurance is expensive and some insurance companies do not allow predisposed conditions in their coverage.

The cost to a family who have children with Autism can be staggering . Between treatments, specialized child care (if both parents are employed), or lost income, not to mention any medical conditions associated with their Autistic child, the cost is estimated according to channel 7 news to run over 3 million dollars for the lifetime of the child.

Trying treatments to relieve the signs and symptoms of Autism have to be borne by the family as no insurance company will pay for any treatments that are not approved by a physician.

There may be some financial relief for some families who have children with Autism. A way for them to receive free medical care and some help with supplements and basic needs.

As soon as the diagnosis of Autism is received from a Doctor or Psychologist, the family should contact Social Security to obtain medical assistance for their children with Autism.

The paperwork can be lengthy as is the waiting for determination, but the long term benefits can be worth it.

They will require confirmation of the Autism diagnosis from the physician. In addition they will send you forms to fill out which basically tells them what the functioning ability of the child with Autism is.
Questions include safety issues, social issues and basic activities of daily living as well as attestations as to the Autistic child's social skills and mental capacity.

They will also require the same form to be completed by another person, preferably in a teaching or care giving capacity that echoes your assessment of the child's abilities.

Determination is not made on the diagnosis of Autism, but rather on the level of functioning that the child can achieve.

The monetary compensation is calculated on the family's income and is paid monthly to the child if capable mentally and is of age, or to a surrogate, usually the child's parent or caregiver.

If Social Security does approve your application for medical assistance for your children with Autism, this automatically puts them on Medicaid which can be a lifesaver for parents who are struggling to find adequate insurance coverage.
Medicaid also pays for incontinence products and for those that live in an area where this is available respite care which can help relieve a little of the stress associated with raising an Autistic child.

It is definitely worth the time and energy to apply to Social Security for medical assistance for your Autistic children as it can help relieve the financial burden that you will carry for the years to come.

Financial assistance for families with Autistic children may be obtained, you just need to know where to look for it. Visit us at for a little light at the end of the tunnel. Written by Donna Mason, the mother of 3 Autistic children looking for a way to survive and help her children.

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