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Autism Treatment - Help Autistic Behaviors

Many children are diagnosed with autism, and it's important to have early and appropriate intervention. Once the diagnosis has been made, the parents, doctors, and specialists should discuss what is best for the child, and a form of autism treatment should be applied. In this article you will learn some of the best autism treatments that are available for an autistic person. As always, it's important to discuss the methods with your doctor before trying anything.

There a few different autism treatments that are available. They include communication therapy, change in behavior, dietary changes, and as a last resort, medication. Some types of medication have been known to have adverse results and possible side effects, so it's sometimes best to try natural remedies before resulting to medicine.

Communication Therapy

Some forms of autism make it hard for the person to communicate verbally, so language development is necessary. Speech therapy has been known to help patients get the ability to speak. Picture exchange communication systems, or (PECS) is an autism treatment that uses images that represent ideas, objects, or activities. The patient is able to forward the request, desires, and needs of others.

Behavior Modification

There are different methods of changing behavior, such as bad behavior, repetitive and aggressive behavior. Behavior modification will provide the skills necessary for people with autism to function in their environment. There is a theory called applied behavior analysis, or (ABA). This form of autism treatment simply states that behavior that is rewarded is likely to be repeated. Also, sensory integration therapy is a type of behavior modification that focuses on helping patients cope with autistic sensory stimuli.

Dietary Changes

By using dietary changes for autism treatment, it is possible to improve food tolerances or allergies that may contribute to problems for people with autism. Studies have shown that high levels of protein in wheat, oats, and rye can affect brain function. Elimination of these types of foods that contain gluten and casein may be a possible autism treatment, but the method is quite controversial. This should only be done with the advice from a health care professional.


Lastly, medications can be used as autism treatment, as well as help other diseases that can accompany autism, such as epilepsy. Anti-depressants have been used to treat depression, obsessive-compulsive behavior and anxiety. They have been known to reduce the frequency of repetitive behaviors, irritability, tantrums and aggression. They've also been known to improve eye contact. However, there are side effects when using medication as a form of autism treatment. They include muscle aches, chills, sweats, insomnia, and vomiting.

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