Monday, January 16, 2012

Alternative Remedies For Autism

Usually the first therapy mentioned for Autism is medicine. This is changing. More men and women are open to trying different remedies. Treatments might have terrible side effects, so more people are looking for natural products. Here are some alternative treatments used for Autism.


There are several diets that can be used when treating Autism. They range from eating Gluten free items to eliminating dairy from the diet plan. Some Autistic children have a sensitive reaction to certain ingredients in food. These ingredients will help with behavioral problems, or meltdowns when consumed.

Omega 3's

Omega 3 has been discovered to be of assistance in treating Autism, in addition to a few other disorders. People utilizing the Omega 3 have discovered better sleep patterns, social interaction, and over all health of their child. People needing to try this alternative treatment can add fish oil to their children's diet. Fish oil can be found in capsule for or fluid. Some kids have trouble swallowing the capsule. The fluid form can be located in a flavorless type that is mixed in a drink.

Music Therapy

A number of studies have discovered music therapy to be very beneficial to the Autistic child. Now and again an Autistic child will sing together with music while they won't speak. This is one means of working on the child's speech. The music may be relaxing to an Autistic child. It can settle them down enough to participate in an activity with others.

Sensory Integration

Kids with Autism can be very understanding of noises, tastes, textures, and smells. Sensory integration therapy helps their youngster to deal with whatever it is causing them problems. It can likewise be employed to calm a youngster with something like a certain smell or texture.

Speech Therapy

Speech therapy is a must for any child with Autism. Kids with Autism commonly misuse words. They often times have a difficult time comprehending the significance of words like few or many. Speech therapists can can assist in teaching gestures and correspondence skills to nonverbal children. They can help their child to quickly learn how to read other individuals body language.

Play Therapy

Play therapy can be be extremely helpful when treating an Autistic child. Play therapy allows their youngster to relax and center on things they like. A therapist working with an autistic child will play on the ground with the youngster. They will give the child various toys and see if the child takes a liking to one of them. If their child starts to play the therapist will then endeavor to interact with their child. After the therapist has created a relationship with the youngster they might bring some other child into play therapy. This can sometimes be a good way to have the Autistic child to play with other children. Usually a therapist does the play therapy, still the mum or dad can do the therapy after they have learned the techniques used.

These are just a a couple of the numerous alternative treatments obtainable for Autism. Medication does not need to be a first resort. These can also be mixed with medication for a better remedy plan.

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