Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Fish Oil Supplements - How To Cope With Autism By Taking Omega 3 Fish Oil

Omega 3s effects on the function of the brain are well documented. The elderly find it gives them better memory and ability to focus. Childhood ailments like ADHD are minimized with a daily supplement.

People who sustain serious brain injuries have made miraculous recoveries when they take high dosages of fish oil supplements. Depression and other mental illnesses often are improved with omega 3 fish oil. The list continues to expand to include other sicknesses and conditions.

Autism is no exception. The causes of autism are still hotly debated. But while everyone else fights, omega 3 quietly is improving the lives of those with autism and their loved ones.

The brain is made up of fat and it has been discovered that omega 3 fatty acids are necessary for proper development. Pregnant women are now advised to take a pure fish oil supplement along with their prenatal vitamin.

The gestational period is an important time for neural development and omega 3 plays a big role in that. That need continues into infancy. Breast milk contains up to 1% omega 3 fatty acids. The need for continued supplementation into childhood is now being recognized. Autism is another place where children are benefiting from omega 3 in their diets.

Autism comes with many symptoms. All together they can be quite debilitating for the patient and exhausting for the caretakers. Fish oil supplements can help out in a number of ways. Cognitive skills are sharpened and communication improves. Memory and learning capabilities also increase.

Children and adults can concentrate better with an omega 3 supplements. Autistic children develop a longer attention span. The speech and intellect of an autistic person is improved. They sleep better. Aggression and hyperactivity are soothed. These children become more adaptable and social. Emotions are leveled to a workable state.

Fish oil supplements provide necessary nutrients to the human body that it cannot produce itself. Whatever the causes of autism end up being, it is apparent that omega 3 has a very positive effect on bringing out the best an autistic child has to offer.

The person that is inside can better be expressed without all the interference of symptoms of the autism. Buy a purified omega 3 fish oil supplement to decrease the worry of further injuring the autistic person. Omega 3 can give them a new chance to approach life. Quality of life increases as the omega 3 does its thing.

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