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Aspergers Temper Tantrums - 3 Tips on Stopping Aspergers Tantrums

Do you feel exhausted from toddler Aspergers Temper Tantrums? Effective parenting, whether a child has asperger syndrome or not, is learning that you are in control, not the child. This is not a popularity contest. You are not there to wait on your child and indulge her every whim. Buying her every toy she wants isn't going to make her any happier than if you say no. There is no easy way out of this parenting experience. Sometimes you just have to dig in and let the tantrum roar.

Temper Tantrums and Asperger

A temper tantrum is very straightforward. A child does not get his or her own way and, as grandma would say, "pitches a fit." This is not to discount the temper tantrum. They are not fun for anyone.

Tips on stopping aspergers temper tantrums

1. Speak with your kid

Asperger's sufferers don't really have the knowledge to solve when their behaviors are improper. Talk to your kid about his meltdowns when he is calm and relaxed. This will probably not be until the child is seven or eight years old. Then, tell him that sometimes he does things that are not appropriate. Have him talk to you about a sign you can give him to let him known when this happens.

When my son begins to experience a meltdown, he and I have agreed that I can let him know by laying my hand on his shoulder and saying, "Please stay calm." This works fantastically for me but may not work for others. So, you have to learn by trail and error.

2. Be Patient

All you can do is be patient with your child while he is having a meltdown, though they are emotionally exhausting for you as well as he. Never punish him for experiencing a meltdown.

3. Asperger's children don't like surprises and some don't like to be touched.

Never rush to your child and give him a hug. If you want to hug him, tell him exactly what you are going to do. A surprise hug can send him into an even worse meltdown than he is already experiencing.

In conclusion about aspergers temper tantrums:

If you feel like you are being manipulated by a tantrum, you are right. You are. A tantrum is nothing more than a power play by a person not mature enough to play a subtle game of internal politics.

Dealing with temper tantrums is not the only one problems in terms of asperger syndrome behavior.

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