Monday, October 10, 2011

Autistic Children and Transitions - How To Make It Easier

Autistic children have great difficulties in changing from doing one thing to the next. To say they have issues dealing and coping with transitions is an understatement. In fact, some transitions can be downright difficult for the autistic child. So how can you ease the upset of a transition for them?

Prepare them well ahead of time. If their schedule is going to be different from what it normally is, or if they have to move from doing one thing to doing another thing you need to prepare them for it, to make it as easy as possible on all parties involved. You can do this through talking to them, showing them pictures of what's going to happen next, and allowing yourself and them extra time for the change in routine.

Try to maintain normalcy in as many other parts of their day as you can. Giving them a grounding point in the day where things are as they always are will help them to better cope, during times like holidays, when things are out of routine.

Reward them for a good transition. Give them their favorite toy or treat for transitioning without having a meltdown. Reinforce the good behaviour in transitions and you may find with time they get better at transitioning as a result.

Allow the child to stim if need be to cope with the transition. Many times you'll find if something is out of the normal, or out of routine, your child will stim to try and establish a level of control over their environment. Allow them to do this, as long as they are safe doing it and won't harm others with their behaviours. By stimming they may be better able to cope with what is going on around them and therefore be better able to transition.

Does your child enjoy music? Try playing some calming music to help them ground themselves and be able to move through the transition. Even something like allowing them an ipod loaded with their favorite music to listen to while changing from one thing to another may take their focus off the change, and allow you to move them through the transition better.

Transitions can be one of the most difficult things to cope with for an autistic child. With a little preparation and a whole lot of understanding, both you and your child will be able to overcome the issues and begin to make smoother transitions.

Autistic children can be wonderful to be around, to care for and to love if you give them the extra care and attention they need. For more tips and tricks to help you with your autistic child, click here!

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