Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Nature Helps in Autism Therapy Techniques and Treatments

Nature Therapy is a current therapy designed to complement other therapies for children with autism. In addition to speech therapies, as well as physical and occupational therapies, activities in nature promote healing properties. Natural environments are filled with resources for sensory exploration. Autism is a sensory processing disorder. New research shows the soothing effects nature can have on children with autism. Children of all abilities benefit emotionally, physically and psychologically from consistent time in natural surroundings. Many therapists are bringing children outside as part of their therapy programs and having successful outcomes. Children are able to listen, to feel, smell, and observe outdoors.

Autism is often described as a sensory processing disorder. Sensory integration therapy is a type of therapy readily used with autistic children. During sessions, therapists work one on one with the child to encourage movement. The goal of therapy is to improve the brain's ability to process sensory information. During therapy sessions, the child performs an activity that combines sensory input with motion. Presently,many therapists are working with autistic children in nature, as part of programs, with much success!

Natural environments stimulate all of the senses! It is well known that being in nature reduces stress and stimulates the senses through sounds, visual images and scents. Regular outdoor time benefits all children's emotional, physical, and mental health. Several promising studies have found that therapy programs involving natural surroundings helps children with behavioral issues, ADHD and a diagnosis of being At-Risk. Nature is a soothing resource that is being used more and more in therapy programs for autistic children with exceptional result!

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