Monday, October 17, 2011

My Autistic Genius - The Creative Link Between Autism And Genius

Though relatively new to the medical world many in the field believe their may be a direct correlation between autism and genius level thinkers. Many of our greatest historical thinkers are thought to have suffered from autism or Asperger's, so perhaps the rewiring of the autistic mind is actually a form of evolution, a level of higher thought.
Some of our greatest composers showed autistic traits and tendencies. These musical masterpieces were perhaps created by a mind more in tuned to music; after all, recent links have shown that music may help to minimize the effect of autism so perhaps some of its greatest creators were driven to do so in their focused minds in order to set things more right in their worlds. Beethoven, Hans Christian, and Mozart are amongst the worlds highest talented musical masterminds and all are thought to share one common ground, outside of music of course, and that is Asperger's.
Some of our greatest intellectual thought provokers and inventors are also thought to have suffered the similar diagnosis of autism. These include the likes of Newton, Einstein, Orwell and H G Wells. This does not mean that all who suffer from Asperger's and Autism are in the genius level, but it does prove that no matter what the case, we can help our loved ones in reaching their full potential, no matter what that may be.
So the decision is solely yours, you can choose to believe that those around you affected by Autism will never achieve anything or you can stand strong and true by there side and advocate for them to provide the most optimal outcome and the fullest life potential they have locked within them.
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