Friday, October 7, 2011

Autism 101 - Common Therapies Used For Autism

Autism affects each child differently. Some children with autism can live in mainstream society with very little struggles or disruptions to their daily lives. It isn't that way for all children though. Some children have severe difficulties even coping with life. Their senses overwhelm them, their problems consume their daily lives and the lives of those who care for them and living in general is just plain difficult.

It doesn't have to be that way though. In fact with modern treatments, many children can reach a level of normalcy and reduce the struggles of living with autism.

One such method is occupational therapy. No, this doesn't mean helping them find a job, it means providing therapy for them that will help them with their daily tasks. This method of therapy can help them learn to cope in the world around them, and can give the child a sense of control and empowerment they may not have had previously.

Another therapy that can help is speech therapy. Since many autistic children have little to no communication skills, this can be a vital part of helping your child cope. And for some children, it even gives them back their voices and vocabularies that autism may have robbed them of.

Another helpful tool if speech therapy is not working, is teaching the child sign language. This can give a child who has no voice a method to communicate. A method to verbalize with the world their wants and needs. It can be an asset for all children with autism to learn to sign, in case at some point in the future
they stop talking altogether.

Play therapy can be a wonderful tool as well. Getting down to ground level and letting them bring you into their world of play can be a great learning tool. It can help them learn to interact socially as well as show you ways that you can interact with them, that won't upset them or cause a meltdown.

As with any disability, there is hope for children with autism. They don't have to remain locked in their own little worlds forever. With the proper therapy and help, they can regain their lives and live a much more fulfilling happy life. The above mentioned therapies are just a few of many ways to help your autistic child. Being a supportive and caring parent, with a high level of patience can go a long way to make this world a little more hospitable for your loved one.

Autism affects each child differently. Find out more tips to help your autistic child, click here!

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