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How To Identify The Signs Of Autism

Autism is a condition that occurs in early childhood. If the parents are well-informed and perceptive enough, they can easily be able to catch the signs of autism while they are only starting to show up in their child.

Unfortunately, most parents tend to miss out on some common symptoms of autism developing in their child, resulting in the problem getting worse, finally blowing out of all proportion. Aiming to help you to the extent possible, we bring you some points to note about this condition.

Here are some of the most common signs of autism:

Overly quiet

Some children with autism seem to be deceptively quiet and undemanding. Of course, there are also many normal children and those with above-average intelligence, who do not seem to demand much attention and generally take care of their own needs from a very early age. But if your child is over-quiet and simply withdraws into a corner at social events, you should know there is trouble brewing somewhere.

Disturbed social behavior

Most children get upset by huge crowds and parties teeming with noise and a high degree of activity. It is but common for children to feel stifled in that kind of an atmosphere. But if your child gets disturbed even among a small gathering of known people and starts acting cranky, like he cannot withstand the goings-on, you must identify this as a possible sign of troubled social behavior, that might lead to any one of the autism spectrum disorders.

Speech delay

One of the most common signs of autism setting in is when the child displays extreme speech delay or disorder. Autistic children are very slow at developing speech and in many cases, what they speak might not be too clear at all. Of course, there are many children who start speaking only after they are two, but if you feel there is a marked delay in your child's speech development, visit your pediatrician immediately.

Child's mental growth

The level of mental development varies from child to child. But if your child seems to be over-indulging in repetitive behavior or some other abnormal type of behavior for a child of his age, you should probably consider showing him to an expert.


Doctors are usually very reticent to quickly diagnose a slow child as one who suffers from autism. Some children are naturally slow developers. This happens especially if they have an elder sibling, who they know will 'take care of them'. Labeling children as autistic will merely restrict their natural growth in their formative years. In such cases, doctors prefer to observe the child and do nothing else.

This notwithstanding, it is always advisable for you, as a parent, to watch your child closely if you find him behaving in a strange, abnormal way. If you are sharp enough and manage to catch autism or its related disorders early enough, the treatment for the same can commence at the earliest.

Remember, the earlier the signs of autism are noticed and treated, the more the child will benefit from it.

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