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Autism Symptoms in Infants and Children

According to health officials and medical professionals, the exact causes of the Autism disorder are still unclear although there is considerable agreement that there exists some type of genetic link between the disorder and the afflicted person's genes. There are other variables that could be possible causes such as environmental factors and immune system abnormalities. Regardless, the majority of all health and medical professionals agree that early intervention and diagnosis is still the best course of action to pursue.

Recognizing the early warning signs of the disorder

Past clinical research has demonstrated that the earlier a child is properly diagnosed and a treatment is prescribed, the outcome in the long-run will be considerably better. The following are some of the National Institute of Mental Health's early warning signs:

o In many cases, the child doesn't respond with a joyful facial expression (i.e., smile)

o The child hasn't spoken a single word by the time they are 16 months old

o They appear not to understand how they should play with their toys

o They are not babbling, making meaningful and/or noticeable, or pointing by the time they have reached 12 months of age

o They do not maintain eye contact for any length of time, if they do make it at all

o They haven't started to combine two words together by the time they reach 2 years of age

o They rarely interact with others, sometimes not at all

o They rarely respond to their names,

o They sometimes focus entirely on a single object or toy

o They start losing acquired language and social skills

o They will focus less on critical or important issues, yet they will focus on lining up certain objects or toys

The warning signs mentioned above are the primary indicators of an Autism Spectrum Disorder being present in the individual, although there are other ones to be aware of as well. What you should remember is that there will be numerous explanations for the majority of the warning signs that we have mentioned in the points above.

Early Autism warning signs or symptoms in infants

A number of different clinical studies have revealed the following warning signs and symptoms of Autism being present in infants at certain ages:

o 6 months - absence of smiling

o 9 months - failing to exchange smiles and/or sounds with other individuals

o 1 year - the inability to babble, point at or reach for different objects, or to wave at others nearby them

o 1 year, 4 months - a lack of or a total absence of vocabulary development

o 2 years - inability to create simple phrases (two words)

o Any age - the regression of communication, social, and/or speech skills

During infancy, there may be severe sensory issues to deal with during this period in the child's life including the abnormal reaction to certain sounds, tastes, and touching. Though mild autism can be handled with proper counseling and therapy, but severe autism is difficult.

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