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Autism Symptoms and How to Spot Them

Statistics in the United States show at least one child with autism in every 150 children born in the country. This is a clear indication that autism might be one of the most common disorders affecting our young ones. To get a clear and correct diagnostic on a child, it is extremely important for parents, who might be concerned with issues pertaining to this, to be able to recognize the different autism symptoms.

A developmental disorder, autism results from an abnormality in one's neural development. Although there is the constant effort to determine the specific causes of this disorder, all that can be determined is the fact that it takes an interplay of various factors that is behind autism. Genetics, however, plays a very strong role in it. Recent studies show how synaptic dysfunctions can cause autism as well.

Autism takes place during the developmental stage. Onset can be as early as during infancy. In fact, most cases of autism involved symptoms that were observable at as early as the first two years of a person's life. With ample knowledge on such symptoms, it is easier for parents to know what they can and have to do for their kids.

The most effective way to note down if the child has autism or not is by observing any delays in the development. Physical activities such as crawling and standing up occur at certain periods. When kids fail to perform what they out to perform at a specific age, there is a possibility of autism around the corner. This is, however, not reliable enough, and professional advice should be sought before further actions be taken.

Toddlers are one of the most active beings on earth. With that, it is very easy to pick out how different a kid with autism can be at this stage of development. Symptoms of autism at this age include a delay in the ability to talk, a very unusual obsession with something and the failure to create healthy interactions with other kids of the same age. These are just a few, but they are very important that a parent should take such signs seriously.

As children grow, the symptoms become more evident and are definitely hard to ignore. The most important one is in terms of their learning disability. Kids with autism tend to respond inappropriately to certain situations and people. They find it hard to make acquaintances and friends and do appear emotionless to everyone even including their own families. There is no sense of safety for them. They have strange speech patterns and are impulsive and insensitive to pain.

In some cases, which are considered by most as lucky, these kids' obsession is directed on a field of study which can become the source of their interest and joy. The end result is savant syndrome. It involves a high level and sometimes even extraordinary proficiency in various areas.

Autism is not that easy to deal with. In fact, a lot of people who have to deal with relatives who have such conditions tend to give up during the process of caring for them. However, people with autism are vulnerable. They cannot full depend on themselves for all their needs. Sometimes, they just need our assistance whether they like it or not. It is all up to our own human feelings to decide on what we shall do for them.

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