Sunday, October 9, 2011

Symptoms of ADHD and Autism - Know the Signs

The Symptoms of ADHD:

Difficulties staying on task - People who have attention deficit disorder are easily distracted by what is going on around them. This can make for problems in a traditional classroom setting.

Inattentiveness - A tendency to get lost in their own world. Time may pass before they become aware again. Chunks of time can be "lost" when this occurs.

Excessive Talking

Excessive interruptions and intrusions on other's conversations and personal space.

Aggression - Some people with ADHD are aggressive with other people and may seem "pushy".

Difficulty finishing projects - Someone with attention deficit hyperactivitiy disorder may have multiple projects that are only partially done. Many children with ADHD do not complete their homework or do not turn it in when done.

Type "A" personality - May go so far as to take risks without thinking of the consequences.

Forgetfulness - This can affect doing projects that take steps to complete, missing appointments, forgetting names and places...

Hyperactivity - It may seem that a person with ADHD cannot sit still. In fact, many can't be completely still. If forced to sit or stand in one place, a child or adult may tap their fingers, chew on a pencil, bounce a ball... or do anything to keep themselves in action.

Note: Many with ADHD defy the typical signs and instead exhibit a tendency to daydream or appear to be "lazy".

The Symptoms of Autism:

Inability to empathize with other people - A lack of an understanding of the emotions and reactions of the people around them.

Inability to communicate with others - this varies in degree from having trouble staying on the subject of conversation to an inability to communicate at all. This may not only impact social interaction, but education as well.

Repetitive Behaviors - This may involve actively repeating the same actions or saying the same sound, word or phrase over and over again.

Obsession with putting things in a straight line - A tendency to line things up and be wildly upset if the line is disrupted is a sign of autism.

Isolation - Someone who is autistic may seem to be in their own world. In fact, many who have autism will panic or over-react to stimulation.

Hyperfocusing - A child or adult might stare at one object for lengthy amounts of time.

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