Thursday, November 3, 2011

Autism Symptoms & Music - 5 Ways Music Can Make a Difference With Autism

Most people understand that music is very enjoyable. There are aspects of music that bring a peace of mind and spirit. There are also aspects that are very structured and scientific.

All of these elements can provide the autistic person with some great tools and experiences to help them reach milestones and connect more with those around them. Here are some ways music can help...

Nonverbal Communication: Many Autistic people have limited or no verbal skills. Music provides them a way to express themselves without words. Sometimes this is just getting feelings out. Music has also been shown to increase verbal ability in those with autism, particularly through singing.

Motor Skills: Providing musical opportunities to those with autism is a great way to improve motor skills. Holding an instrument, clapping hands, and moving to the music all increase dexterity and muscle coordination.

Motivation: Music is a great motivator. The love of the music and desire to do more leads those with autism to spend more time with the music and in turn more time developing the skills the music provides.

Structure & Repetition: Music is not random, it is very structured and includes elements that are more constant like the fundamental timing or tempo of the piece and also provides repetition such as the rhythm or the lyrics. These things are very important to a person with autism who finds repetition and structure to be a place of calm.

Spontaneity and Flexibility: Even though music is structured there is still much room to be playful and to change things as you go. This helps the autistic individual to build confidence in their ability to go with the flow and helps them better adapt to the lack of structure in the world around them.

As you can see there's much more music can do for an autistic person than just a chance at recreation. When used in certain ways music can give a person with autism a better quality of life.

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