Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Does a Healthy Diet Influence Autism? If So, How?

If you have a child living with autism, you have probably heard the publicity and asked yourself how does a healthy diet influence autism? There are many different points of view on how diet actually affects children with autism. Eliminating gluten from the diet of your child, removing casein from dietary choices, for example excluding nuts, soy, and eggs from daily consumption. Many dieticians, and medical experts say, there is no conclusive proof that these foods have an affect on the behaviors that is displayed in autism. There are many parents who disagree, and have seen legitimate, positive results from dietary changes in their autistic children.

Gluten may cause problems to many people, and not just in autism cases. Some examples of gluten laden foods include barley, and rye. One of the foods that are difficult to remove from a diet is, wheat. In addition, soy sauce, vinegars, couscous, artificial colors and flavoring contain gluten.

Casein, is found in milk, so if you want a casein free diet, you must eliminate milk and all products that contain milk from the diet of your child. It is wise to avoid regular milk, butter, margarine, ice cream, yogurt, and cheese. These are regular staples in the diets of most children. Due to this fact, living with a casein free diet, may result to be extremely difficult and frustrating to follow. Many parents attempt to change to a soy based diet, to replace the lost milk, but soy can also contain casein.

Soy, can be a culprit, and deceiving, because of this, one must check your choices of soy, to ensure that it will not include casein. Another discovery that has been made, is, nuts and even eggs have been said to disturb children with autism and their behavior.

When choosing dietary adjustments as a treatment for autism, most dieticians recommend removing one food at a time from the diet, to see what results show in the behavior of your child. The reason some experts believe food choices may have an impact on autism, is some children are not able to digest these types of foods. If the undigested food remains in the body, it will turn into opiates, that will change the behavior patterns of the person.

Many health food stores are excellent places to help assist people, who have decided to make positive dietary changes. As food interaction has become more and more publicized, many grocery stores have made more choices available for their clients. To make such significant changes is often a slow process. Many parents find assistance on the multitude of internet sites, face book, and support groups that have popped up surrounding this issue. If you connect with other parents who are on, common ground with your circumstances, you will have a better understanding of what has worked or failed for other parents. Another positive result from gathering information from parents, with similar issues, one can request recipes from the websites to help make the dietary changes more manageable for both you and your child.

Parents who have experienced success, and improvement in the behaviors of their child, show it is worth it to try and incorporate alternatives in dietary choices. If you are concerned about how a healthy diet will influence autism, speak to your medical professional, or dietician, about your concerns, and incorporate a plan, or an alternative for introducing new foods that may make a difference in autistic behavior. Do research on your own, by looking up the properties of different foods, what they do, and the effect they have on your child. Keep a journal, mark down the dates, time, kind of foods, how often your child eats, the quantity of food that is consumed, is an excellent idea to monitor foods that would give one an idea of how, the foods are reacting or producing behavior patterns in children with autism.

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