Tuesday, November 29, 2011

An Enigma Called Autism - Its Causes and Cures

The human brain is so complex that man is incapable of deciphering the intricate way it is wired around. A minuscule disorder in the brain renders him incapable of normal behavior, leading scientists and researchers to give it several names like autism, the Asperger's syndrome, multiple personality disorder, schizophrenia etc., based on varying degrees of brain disorders.

Millions of dollars have been spent on research and diagnosis, but autism still remains a puzzle and an enigma because the autism spectrum covers diverse forms, ranging from acute behavioral, social and communication disorders to violent mood swings, hypertension coupled with precocious talents and high-functioning skills, on account of which it is hard to understand the root causes.

Cause for autism is mostly genetic and is sourced from the human brain, which scientists have been unable to conclusively prove otherwise. There is wide speculation about geeks who are brilliant tech people to be 'on the autistic spectrum' as they usually appear to lack social niceties, like Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg, the stereotypical geek, who appears unmoved by his girlfriend's obvious frustration with his obsessive personality.

Heritability is another cause, when one of the parents is autistic, there is a risk of siring an autistic child though it is not clear which genes could be responsible. Complicated childbirths, like a messed up forceps delivery, is also considered responsible in rare cases. In recent studies, the MMR vaccine has been linked to the cause of autism though there has been no scientific evidence of the same, although it is a cause of great concern that autism in the US has increased to colossal proportions.

Whatever may be the case, if a child is diagnosed early with autism there are many proven physio, phycho and socio therapies that can be effectively applied, to help children lead fulfilling lives free of social stigma. Autistic children interact differently that may appear awkward, clumsy or even offensive. They avoid eye contact and appear lost in a world of their own.

Timely and appropriate therapies can do wonders to their disposition and behavior, as well as develop their motor skills. There are a range of treatments, to name a few are music, drama and art therapy, that is creative and fun-filled. Occupational, Speech-language and Behavior therapy to treat specific symptoms, Development therapies and the Tomatis Auditory therapy that uses an 'electronic ear' in order to stimulates the brain-ear-voice connecting sensors. These therapies help autistic children to follow social norms that are considered important in a regular world, as well as show them ways of expunging their feelings, whether violent or otherwise.

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