Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Autism Treatment - Leaky Gut, Part 1 of 3

I want to cover the topic of leaky gut. Leaky gut is something that isn't well recognized in the traditional medical field but in complementary medicine, it has been recognized for many, many years. To understand this leaky gut you have to think about the epithelial lining of the digestive tract, or what is known as the mucosal layer, breaking down where holes begin to form. These holes are very small, microscopic, and lead to the issue of leaky gut. Leaky gut allows things like food proteins and toxins from pathogens such as yeast and bacteria to get through the mucosal lining when they normally would not. They manage to get into the lymphatic system, they get into the bloodstream and they wreak havoc by stimulating inflammation and causing the immune system to be hyper activated.

This topic can be a controversial one. Many physicians and scientists disagree with the idea that holes can develop in the gut. And they are correct to an extent, there are not holes exactly. It helps to understand the way we get nutrients into our bodies to get a better idea of this process. Vital nutrients are absorbed through the cell surface and then excreted out the other side. Those cells that line the digestive tract are normally tightly grouped together, allowing what should be absorbed in and keeping harmful things out.

When someone suffers from leaky gut, things can get through between the cells as well. The tight junction is the chemical process by which the cells are attached to each other. A good example for this is Velcro, so the cells are velcroed together. This occurs when you begin to have a breakdown in the Velcro structure and those tight junctions begin to breakdown. What happens is that you have microscopic gaps between cells and this is the process that we call leaky gut. So then food proteins and toxins can flow across the mucosal lining. Those proteins and toxins can then enter the bloodstream as a result of the breakdown in the tight junction and the leaky gut.

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