Friday, November 4, 2011

Is Early Invention For Children With Autism Important?

Every year an increasing number of children are being diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Why has the number increased drastically over the years? Is it that whatever the cause, it is progressive or is it due to the fact that doctors, parents, and other professionals are becoming more aware of this disorder and are willing to make their recommendation?

Typically children who are diagnosed with autism develop normally up to two years of age. This is when parents will recall their children stopped talking, they stopped interacting with other children, and starting loosing interest in things they use to enjoy. There are some individuals who feel immunizations are the cause for this change; some feel it is diet, while others will blame genetics. Although there are differences among professionals as to the cause, they all agree early identification and early intervention is necessary for the children and their families.

Children with autism are all different even though they share the same diagnosis. Autism ranges from mild to severe. Although there are major differences among the mild and severe, there are common early signs of autism that can be observed. Children with autism may have begun developing normally but then with no reason, they begin to digress. Some have repetitive behaviors such as rocking, head banging, and vocals. You may also find child with autism sensitive to sound and different textures. They can be very picky eaters as well. If your child is exhibiting behaviors you feel are associates with autism, below are tips and resources you will find helpful.

  • It is important that parents discuss concerns about their child's development with a pediatrician. If any delays are reported, then a referral can be made to other specialist.
  • It a diagnosis of autism has been verified by a professional who specializes in autism, it is important that parents being accessing all services in their community that provides support for the family and services for the child. Child under the age of three should be referred to the local Children Disability Service Agency (CDSA) for further assessment and to develop a plan.
  • Prior to the age of three, the local educational agency (LEA) should be notified. The local school system is then responsible for any service the child will qualify. A team that includes the parent will develop an Individual Education Plan (IEP). It is important that the local school system is involved so transition can occur and schools can be ready to put in place any support needed for the child to be successful.

Remember, the key is early identification an early intervention when dealing with autism.

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