Saturday, November 5, 2011

Best Games For Autistic Children

Here are some good games console for kids with autism, including free site games, board games, video games, etc. As you know, children who suffer from autism have specific interests, at least one. Find out what it is and start from there.

1. The Wii. This game is all about movement. Auistic children make the same movements as his person, it's helpful for controling his character. Plus, it's simple, for there are very few buttons. Many kids with autism love it. It's an fantastic invention.

2. Free site games:


This website adapts to children from 3 to 6 years old. It can read stories and teach sounds and letters.


There are some color bingo and sound matching games on this site page.

3. Computer games, such as mysteries, puzzle games, or strategy games (such as Age of Empires or Age of Mythology). They are fun and not as graphic as some video games.

4. Board games. Candyland is a good one. It helps children to learn counting and turntaking. The game "Sorry" can help kids with rules and number identification. Scrabble and simple Charades can help with social skills, too.

5. Games for a group of students: "Around the world". One student stands in back of another (who is seated at his desk). You say (let's say you are doing verbal opposites), "BIG", and the two children who are "it" have to come up with the verbal opposite. First one who says it moves on to the next seat. Loser has to take the winner's seat. Reward anyone who makes it all the way around, or after however many correct answers works for your group.

6. Go fish. This game works on language, memory and attention. And it's fun to play.

7. Try the old fashio tetris. Buy Nintendo DS at an electronic store and ask the saler for games that wouldn't trigger a tantrum, games that are calmer.

8. Video game. Vice City and GUN are rated M, which is?the second highest video game rating. Basically,it's not a good idea for autistic kids to play video games with too much violence.

Good Luck!

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