Saturday, November 5, 2011

Resources And Activities For Autistic Children

Many of us are not aware of the term of "Autism", the proper definition of the term is still not known. It can be said that it is the development disability commonly found in children (3 - 5). Autism occurs due to the neurological malfunctioning and disorder. It results in the communicational and interactional problems. The children suffering from the autism needs challenges to bring their life into the normal course. You can give it in the form of funny games, where they can participate normally with their other normal kids. Of course you cannot expect an autistic child to play normally like other kids. But there are other numerous activities for autistic children. But before anything, you should keep in mind of :

The participants of the game- It has to be noted who else are participating in the game? Make sure that there is no one who might ridicule the child with autism, instead choose the kid who might help the child.

The level of the activity - the activity must not be so that require the high communication with the other participants or does not need the skill which the child may not be having.

The potentiality problems - the game should not be accompanied by a huge noise, physical contacts, any stress or disturbance for the child. These things often harm the child, discourage them for which they tend to shy and keep themselves away from others.

The activities for autistic children should include the performance that includes the dealings with the sensory activities - like touching an object with closed eyes and identifying the object.

Sometimes it can be of the form of describing an object with a look at it.

It can also include the recitation of poems and singing songs, playing sports like basketball, golf or developing hobbies like fishing, gardening rather than playing footballs or crickets. They can also be given the musical instrument to be played.

Giving them the chance to draw and paint beautiful pictures, or arranging small plays and drama where they can act.

If you are searching for the resources for autism treatment or thinking of how to help the innocent autism affected kids there are helpful ways.

• Style of learning - not the verbal learners always, sometimes the kids learn by visualizing the objects shown to them.

• Understand their capacity - the autism affected kids are often are found having problems in using the pens and pencils, so let them use the computers whenever possible. It has been found that the autism affected children are very good learner of the technological progression.

• Motivation - ask them to draw the pictures of the objects, animals, things and then let them search the internet for the same and gather information.

• Minimizing the distraction as much as possible - try to keep the children away from the distraction that can take place due to the change in the classrooms, physical contacts, teasers etc.

• Special skills - there are many kids who are found having the special abilities. But, it happens that they themselves are not aware of the fact. It's the prime responsibility of the parents, the teachers and the elders to recognize them and guide them in that that way where they find interest.

Thus using these resources for autism, you can now help the autistic children and can create a normal and better environment for them to live in.

Alexis Wilson taking care of the autistic children comments on activities for autistic children, resources for autism.

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