Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Neurogenesis Altered From Accidental Recombination: A Possible Cause For Excess Neurons In Autism

Neuron Number and Size in Prefrontal Cortex of Children with Autism (Courchesne, et al) refers to the standard of fixed, immutable neurogenesis - after initial early brain development. The group seems to have some focus upon insisting that the fix is in with regard to autism being present from earliest fetal development. For some in the autism spectrum this very likely holds true.

Courchesne and cohorts "...propose that increased neuron number in the PFC is a key contributor to brain overgrowth in autism. Neurogenesis is complete before birth in the PFC and in all of the cerebral cortex. Developmental programmed cell death (apoptosis) occurs before and shortly after birth, and these processes affect the net number of neurons in childhood."

The big therefore, is that vaccination cannot cause autism because the fix is in for some who have been labeled autistic; at least this is what has been proposed in many media outlets.

There are many experts who emphasize that "The human brain is not limited to the neurons it is born with, or even the neurons that fill in after the explosion of brain development in early childhood." (Neurogenisis: How To Change Your Brain, Perlmutter)

Research has shown that neural regeneration occurs after injury. Adult neurogenesis and neural regeneration are mechanized assonant to embryonic neurogensis. (Discoveries: Brain Cell Regeneration, Karger, Basel)

Adult neurogenesis, neuroinflammation and therapeutic potential of adult neural stem cells provides that, in some cases, neurogenesis might be modulated by drug treatments. In that, adult neurogenesis is proposed to transpire from use of antidepressants. (Phillipe Taupin) Would use of antidepressants, by the subjects utilized in Courchesne's research, cause the need for a second look at the outcome?

Neural stem cells continually replenish and can differentiate into neurons. It is all in our DNA. The question that some are asking is if human DNA residuals, present in vaccinations as a result of utilizing lung tissues of the aborted, is altering the process of neurogenesis - after birth; this via homologous recombination done without intention during the vaccination process.

I fear we may never be able to fully explore all the possibilities because of the love affair that media and the medical field has with assuring that vaccination, in no way, contributes to autism. This, even as vaccination has proven to contribute to onset of autism for many children. Autism is only a psychiatric label given when certain features are displayed; it is without known cause, and is usually accompanied by comorbid conditions with known medical cause. The comorbid conditions are many times easily identified as being caused by vaccination.

About our journey with autism... At the very beginning I figured, no big deal, we'll get our daughter normalized in no time and pretty soon she would be asking for the car keys. It didn't quite work out that way and as my entire family and I continued to work through the ebb and flow of her unique walk, we fell madly in love with her in all her glory. This articles are just an outreach in case the information is helpful to anyone.

For a real life look at one case of severe autism, just Google "Hello, Dr. Wells". It is a sixteen year account of autism that turned to schizophrenic like psychosis.

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