Saturday, November 5, 2011

Raising Autistic Children - 7 Golden Rules For Parents

Parenting an Autistic child, we often forget that your child's life needs some thing more than the doctors & therapists. We become so protective and concerned about every little movement in his life, that we allow them no time to be kids. It is indeed important & helpful to allow them a little time in the day to let them do what they like. Here is a list of a few things that would surely pamper the kid within your child.

1. Let your Autistic child choose his activity or game at a certain time in each day. May it be playing with his favorite toy or game or following a hobby like drawing or painting. This brings in a break from doctors & therapies for the child.

2. Plan activities out for your Autistic child. For instance, a dinner at the food joint he relishes the most, or a picnic at a near by park. Such activities can be planned once a week. At times the child prefers spending time with their grandparents as well.

3. If you keep your child too protected and do not let him mingle with the other kids, he might develop a sort of phobia. Let him run, jump and yell like the other children. Kids love to get dirty and they have real fun in it. Allow your child to get dirty as it won't harm him as you think. A bath can wash away the mud but he shall have his share of fun.

4. Being autistic doesn't mean that your child can not lead a normal life. You must teach him to have courage and achieve whatever he aspires to do. Their condition should not become a hurdle in their path any which ways.

5. At this tender age, kids often hold on to all possible excuses to get a special treatment. Don't let Autism become a reason or excuse for your child. Punish him for his mistakes and make him face the consequences. This would help him become a strong individual in a longer run.

6. Give simple tasks to the child that are part of the daily chores like making the bed or packing the bag for school. Make sure the child is able to do them and reward him for the same. This would enhance his confidence and give him a sense of accomplishment.

7. Inspire your child to do his best in all aspects of life and show him that you have expectations from him. If your child is not made to use his full potential he shall never come to know his real strength.

Playing in mud, getting dirty, slipping down and yet smiling, fiddling with your favorite toy, yelling around cheerfully - that defines fun for kids. Do not be a guard over your child, be a guide and let him free some times. Even though he has special needs, he would be much happier being a free kid choosing his activities at a free will.

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