Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Autism Activities For Children

Having your own world. This would probably describe what autism is all about. It is a very common neural disorder affecting millions of people all over the world. Social interaction is impaired as well as communication. Studies show that parents usually detect this disorder in the first two years of life. It is important to understand how to deal with autistic children for them to have normalcy in their daily routine. Autism activities for children truly help parents and caregivers to address this concern. Here are some suggestions:

1. Mimicking. Autistic children are great mimickers! This is because they enjoy repetition. Try to write down different animals with their corresponding sounds then let the child say it with you. Also try different transportation sounds such as those in trains and ships. You can also go into teaching them actions like brushing the teeth, fixing the hair, etc! Simple everyday routine you can inject within your fun game.

2. Singing. Because autistic children are apt at making just about any sound, might as well teach them simple songs. This will enable them to make sensible sounds than just shouting. Fun common tones are ideal because it is relaxing. Singing would be a good way to release anxiety to your child.

3. Art and Board games. Try to educate your child with doing simple art work. This will help in lengthening their attention span and help in the calming process. Easy board games are also suggested to facilitate mental development. These also give the child a sense of fulfillment if he is able to finish and win it! It is important though not to give them the difficult games as it might irritate them. Try giving them first those simply puzzles or those basic building blocks.

4. Sports. This is one of the autism activities for children that can certainly boost his social interaction and confidence. Choose sports that are organized and do not necessarily need too much sensory arousal. You will see that some autistic children can very well exceed in sports. It is important to guide and supervise them at first because autistic children have difficulty adapting to change and developing social interaction.

5. Safety. This is probably the most important thing among all the autism activities for children. Children suffering from the disorder require more attention from their parents when it comes to safety and protection. Include in his daily routine the dos and don'ts of going around the house. Make simple policies that would prevent common accidents. Constant acting out and reinforcement will inculcate in the child how to be safe.

Although not all autistic children grow about living a normal life, some actually do. At least in learning normal routines that can help them interact and be independent. Helping them in their early childhood will reduce or eliminate the negative effects of autism. The key is to teach them in their early years. Autism activities for children are coping instruments both the parents and the child can benefit from.

Autism should not be a reason to burden your family. Although there is still no cure for autism, early detection can really make a big difference. Visit Autism Activities for Children and learn more about the causes, symptoms, and how to handle autism.

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