Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Parents Become Healers For Autistic Children

Unconditional Love treatments are helping children living with autism. The remote Inner Alignment sessions offered in the Unconditional Love Project are helping these kids (and adults too) to speak, hug, and express joy.

This is not a treatment in the conventional sense. But it is a free service for children and adults on the autism spectrum and it is getting some amazing results. And now, there is an Unconditional Love technique that parents can do to help their children every single day.

Love is the Real Healer

The power of love to heal has been understood and applied by healers throughout time. This is not new. In fact all metaphysical healing occurs through the presence of Love.

What's new here is that a specific system of Unconditional Love healing is being offered directly to children on the spectrum of autism. And what makes it newsworthy is that it is getting measurable results.

How Healing Occurs

First a word about what many call "healing" and "healers." People, like myself, who facilitate the expression of wholeness, vitality, and the experience of wellness in others are often called healers. But we are not. It is always the flow of innate intelligence, divine love, life force, or whatever you want to call it, that accomplishes the healing. Whether you name that energy chi, ki, prana, or life force, it is the same incomprehensible flow that vitalizes the body, heals the wound, and balances the physiology.

How Parents Become Healers

Since everyone has equal access to this natural flow of healing energy, everyone can be called a "healer" in this sense. And so, the parents of children on the autism spectrum can find a way to be of great value to their child by awakening their ability to facilitate the flow of life force.

The most reliable and powerful way to do this is through the flow of unconditional love.

Try This:

Parents, as you look at your child, imagine the invisible channels of love flowing between you.

As you speak to your child, let your words flow first from your heart. Open your mouth, and let the words flow directly from the love in your heart, through your throat and out your mouth. You may be surprised at the words and the tone of your voice as you speak more purely form the heart.

As you listen to your child's sounds - these may be words or footsteps or the rustling of toys, listen with your heart. Let the sounds generated by your child's activity come into your ears and glide smoothly into your heart. Let these sounds merge with love and live in you as a tender presence of your child in your heart.

These subtle inner changes in your approach to your child turn you into a healer and you may be amazed at your child's response.

I explain the process of listening with the heart and speaking from the heart in chapter 13 of Rooted in the Infinite. You can download (free) the beginning of the book at http://www.rootedintheinfinite.com And I invite you to begin using the YOFA Unconditional Love Meditation for Parents of children with autism. Free video meditation instructions are here: http://unconditionallove.info/parents-meditation And while you are there you can sign up for free remote Inner Alignment Sessions for your child who is living with autism.

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