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Autism - Determining Which Method of Treatment Works

There are many different methods of treatment for autism some are educational, behaviorable, biomedical, nutritional and sensory. This treatment can be rather expensive and if the Parents do not have good insurance it is difficult to find the funds needed.

To insure you are is receiving the best possible treatment for autism a method of treatment must be monitored closely determining if the treatment you are using is having any positive effects. My monitoring you can determine which treatments work and which ones are not having any positive effects. Then you can put your money in the treatment that works.

When first beginning a method of treatment for autism a child must be evaluated for their abilities they already have. This is accomplished through a checklist that can be obtained from a number of organizations including the Autism Research Institute. This checklist gives evaluation points focusing on behavioral and illnesses associated with autism. Autism tends to improve as the child matures making it necessary to credit some improvements to the Child's natural growth. Generally a two month period is all that is needed to determine if there are any sharp increases in the checklist when compared to the first. If there are improvements after two months it is likely from the treatment.

It is necessary for only one treatment to be used at a time. If several treatments are used together one may effect the other and if there is progress you will not be able to determine which method of treatment is responsible. It will be easier to decide on a method of treatment by comparing past studies of autistic children. Some treatments are relatively new and the studies are short term and are there for of little use.

Autism is very complicated and highly individualized disorder rendering the studies of little help for some autistic children. Generally a plan of treatment is best determined by trial and error using the two month trial period to determine if a method of treatment is worth following. You will not always need to weight the full two month to determine if a plan need to be discontinued. If adverse side effects appear and disrupt the child's life it should be discontinued and a new method started. After two months, if you do not see positive improvement, you can discontinue your use of that particular method and better invest your money in treatment options that work. As the child grows and matures a method of treatment may stop working. Always consult your physician before starting a new treatment.

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