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Why Do Some Aspergers Children Become Very Angry?

Aspergers children fall in the group of the Autism Spectrum disorder. Aspergers is often known as 'high functioning' Autism as the signs and symptoms are not as acute as Autism signs and symptoms and so an Aspergers kid can function a lot more than a full Autistic child.

Aspergers children will often have some behavior issues like anger, violence and depression. These behaviors can surface because of the frustration that comes along with being unable to cope with social situations and these behaviors can be incredibly hard to handle for a parent.

The Features Of Aspergers

Aspergers doesn't really begin to show it's signs and symptoms until around the age of three and quite a few children are often not diagnosed until aged five or six and sometimes older. Aspergers tends to be more common in males than it is in females. Not all Aspergers children will show the same signs or symptoms as they can differ a big deal from person to person and in mild cases can be quite hard to diagnose.

Aspergers children generally are highly intellectual and will often have fairly high grades at school, but it is the emotional and social skills that these children are lacking.

The main features of Aspergers are:

* Bright and often excel in subjects like Maths and Science
* Absorb and learn things with no trouble and quickly
* Don't cope extremely well when criticized and in fact will sometimes take criticism very personally
* Lack initiative to initiate a conversation or join a group but will instead wait to be asked to join in with a group or wait for someone to initiate a conversation with them
* Because of their reserved and withdrawn nature they can sometimes be the victims of bullying
* Are sometimes clumsy
* Can sometimes be seen as unusual or eccentric
* Can be extremely sensitive and over emotional
* Find it hard to understand jokes or sarcasm and can often take a joke as a personal attack
* Like to stick to specific rituals and routines.

Why is Anger Frequent In Aspergers children?

Aspergers children find it enormously difficult to interact with other children and are often extremely not comfortable in social situations. It's not that they don't want to be social, it's just that they are lacking social skills and find it hard to be social. Because of the need to be accepted and because they would like to be social but can't, then they can turn out to be quite angry and frustrated. They don't really understand why they aren't being accepted and why they can't interact the way that other kids do and sometimes they will just feel like other kids just simply don't like them. The more this transpires the more withdrawn a child might become and this may result in that child becoming quite a sad little person.

The earlier that your child is diagnosed with Aspergers the faster you can commence helping them to learn social and communication abilities. They are capable of learning these skills but just need that bit of extra help to do it. It is also important to assist them to build up a healthy self esteem so that they don't grow up to feel that they are inferior in some way due to their lack of social skills. By helping them become skilled at social skills and promoting self confidence will help to lower anger development.

The need for Aspergers children to have set routines and rituals is one more reason they can become annoyed if those routines are changed. Sometimes it can be hard to stick to a routine 100% but it is important to attempt to give them with their routines as much as possible to avoid an anger outburst.

Aspergers children may get rather angry and even violent over a changed schedule even though this is something that a lot of people wouldn't really fret too much about. An Aspergers child can be taught how to stay in control during times like these with some Cognitive Behavior Therapy.

These children can be extremely annoyed little people and it is also frustrating for a parent to deal with these issues. These children appear completely normal and it can be easy to forget that they do in fact have a condition and when you are in public people do not realize that they have a disorder and may sometimes just assume that they are a 'naughty' child. Dealing with these issues on a day to day basis can take it's toll on any parent. An early prognosis of Aspergers is valuable so that you can make a start to teach your child the skills that they need and how to deal with the problems that make them angry. If your child gets the right care then they can live a quite happy and fulfilling life.

Aspergers children can be difficult to live with but if they receive the right treatment they can be happy and fulfilled children. Visit Aspergers Children to learn more about how you can help your Aspie child.

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