Friday, May 14, 2010

Autistic Characteristics - What Makes the Autistic Child Different?

Autism is a spectrum disorder and carries a whole wealth of different issues and characteristics but all individuals affected by autism tend to be affected in varying degrees in 4 major areas of development. So what are the areas and typical characteristics?

Sensory Stimulus- Unusual responses to the sensory intake of the world around them is not uncommon in the autistic child. To them the world is either to high or too low for each of the five senses. What this means is that the world to them is too bright, too loud, too scratchy, and various other issues. Their brain doesn't properly recognize the various sensory signals the way you or I do.

Social Issues- Most autistic children have issue relating with others socially. They tend to be withdrawn and appear to be living inside their own bubble without any regard to the world around them.

Communication Issues or Delays- Many autistic children have little to no speech and an inability to make or keep eye contact. They may also have an inability to understand facial features or the subtleties of speech like humour and irony.

Behavioural Issues- The child may also have behavioural issues that can manifest in many forms. They may have repetitive behaviours such as humming or flapping of their arms, an inability to adapt to changes in their routine or environment leading to temper tantrums and frequent meltdowns.

An autistic child is like any other child in many ways but in other ways is very unique and can be very difficult to cope with. Proper diagnosis and early intervention can help minimize the symptoms that your child carries with them throughout their lives.

Autistic characteristics can be present in varying levels. To learn more about autism and how to help your child click here!

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