Saturday, May 22, 2010

Autism Sensory Integration - Parents Need Quick Tools to Reduce Sensory Overload

Many times there are quick fixes to sensory overload for people with Autism. Quick fixes are little things that can be done or little tools that we can carry in a purse or car. Because little things can build up and turn into a melt down it is so much easier to deal with issues while they are little.

One of the things my children used to complain about was the tags in their clothes. When I had little understanding of Autism I thought my child needed to just get over it. Then that and other things would lead to overload. Now I know to take care of the tags early on.

Of course thank goodness for the brands that have gone to stamps instead of tags. It takes a little more effort to find those brands for the adult woman with Autism but is well worth the effort. One little tool that proved invaluable was a set of ear plugs. The inexpensive ones worked the majority of the time. The idea was to muffle the noise. I carried those in my bag and my car for years.

We also had a relatively inexpensive head phone. The ones you see specifically for children with Autism are usually very expensive. Parents can pick up one of these head phones at a sporting goods store. People who shoot guns use them. Although they are cheaper they are of a quality equal to the disability specific head phone.

My child did not tolerate them on her head very well. Although these headphones were kept in the car we only used them when there was big noise that we could not escape. She was a little more cooperative then.

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Mylinda Elliott is the parent of five children. The third of the five has Autism which was diagnosed early on. The fourth of the five children has Aspergers. She is a self taught expert on Autism Spectrum Disorders. Mylinda Elliott has also worked professionally in the disability world for the past fifteen years. She is considered the "Go To" woman for advice or resources on disabilities.

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