Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Causes of Autism, Myths and Facts

Parents who have children with autism are wishful in finding the main source and think knowing this could cure or even prevent it. Not one person has found any particular reason why autism is developed in children. Maybe one day, autism may be tied to a specific gene abnormality but the source is most likely not just one thing but a number of possible factors. Autism is not preventable or curable so it's best that we understand all we can about Autism and be willing to make the necessary adjustments to live life the best way possible.

Let's first discuss what parents may think may cause autism, but certainly does not. Bad parenting does not cause autism. When causes were unclear, sometimes parents were blamed for using abusive parenting techniques and psychologically ruining their children causing autism. Another myth is that poor nutrition causes autism. Malnutrition does not cause autism but there are proven cases that children who have autism benefit when taking vitamins.

Many studies do exist showing that there is a link between the brain and autism. These studies show that the autistic people have larger than normal brains. People without autism may have a larger brain but this is just a scientific observation. Although brain size is an observation, it is the actual function of the brain or a malfunction of a part of the brain that causes autism. Another sign of a brain malfunction is children with this disorder have an immune deficiency.

These factors are conclusively genetic. It is not a direct result of the parent's child rearing abilities but can be a gene that was passed through the family gene pool. It is also common that a couple may have another child who has autism. Autism has also been linked to vaccinations, and are being continuously researched. Please discuss these risks and the benefits with your doctor of any vaccination that may have this type of disclaimer. Vaccinations are very important especially today with sickness being so prevalent, but it is just as important to know any risks associated with vaccinations.

Nobody knows what causes autism. Many myths, old wives tales, and assumptions exist but the truth lies in the individual genetic make-up in our bodies. We can do nothing to prevent or cure it, but we can treat and understand the autistic people in our lives the best we can. it is important to be educated about sign, symptoms, and treatments. Autism is an intricate problem, and everyday researchers are looking for better ways to recognize this disease, treat this disease, and eventually find a cure.

I practice what I preach and preach what I practice. I love giving advice and really helping those in need of a better understanding life's challenges. As autism in the world increases, parents need to know as much as they can about this life changing disability. You can visit Complete Autistic Package to get additional resources to get your lives moving in a more helpful direction.

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