Monday, May 24, 2010

Discover the Experience of Creative Leisure When You Have an Autistic Child - How?

You can discover the experience of creative leisure, even though you have an autistic child. You owe it to yourself. How can this be accomplished? One of the keys to creative leisure is, imagination, and it is at its best, when there is leisure. This also helps your autistic child to grow with more confidence and self-esteem, by you enjoying leisure for yourself.

When you use your imagination, and allow it to enter your thoughts, it means relaxed atmosphere, by which you let your subconscious mind bring it to consciousness. This can be a solution to your problems, that might be solved, and it will help you understand your child with autism, with more understanding. During leisure, the intensity of the conscious effort is relaxed, the subconscious mind suddenly takes over. When you are ready to listen to your subconscious mind, the idea that is created, is consciously put before your thought.

Your autistic child may bring you many challenges, and stress. That is why, it is a good practice to find creative leisure, to calm down the stress, and have a better handle on some of the challenges that do occur.

Creative leisure may bring a thought, an idea or a message, an address, that comes suddenly out of the blue. Sometimes it is a good idea, to respond to those ideas, or thoughts, that flash into your mind.

Another excellent idea is, to just sit for an hour in silence, sitting still, not engaging in reading, nor looking at anything in particular. Rest your mind, and body, let the stress, and negative thoughts leave your mind, so you can have creative leisure.

Your autistic child may be an extremely active one, require much given attention to his or her needs, you feel worn, wiped, and exhausted. Try to take time to rest, relax, focus on creative leisure. During this time, make a conscious effort to plant seeds of knowledge, information, goals, new ideas, thoughts, suggestions during this time of leisure.

Go to a golf course, fishing, take a walk near a lake, go to the library, do some gardening, spend time on your hobby, go to the zoo, have a picnic by yourself under a tree, take a relaxing bubble bath, but whatever you do, do it for yourself with the goal in mind to have creative leisure.

It is imperative to take time for yourself and realize you deserve to enjoy creative leisure. Your autistic child is important as well as you are, but you need to be good to yourself and not feel guilty that you are wasting time. or that you do not deserve it. You need to get your mind and yourself away from the tedious routine, and enjoy life, plus yourself. You will find that you will become stronger to endure more challenges and enjoy more of a positive life style, that will improve by, creative leisure.

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