Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Puppets As a Learning Tool to Teach Self-Control For Your Autistic Child

Your child can be taught self-control by using puppets as a learning tool. This can be a positive experience. How? Puppets create a way of not threatening your child, by teaching self-control as a learning tool, for the fact that they are animated and do not show an adult authoritative power.

When puppets interact displaying how self-control is used, with their characters, that are defined, children seem to understand what the puppets are doing and can identify with them. They pay attention to their characters that are depicting self-control, that are illustrated with puppets, as a learning tool.

By using puppets, you can create a skit, conversations, or simple role playing with the puppets. Self-control, can be taught by puppets, performing positive experiences that are in relationship to their school, community, home, peers, family or for just having fun.

It is imperative that your child learn self-control, and new skills. By using puppets, that would be a great learning tool for them to understand their feelings and relate to them, by gaining a better understanding of what self-control is.

As parent(s) and caregiver(s), you could identify one thing that your child has a problem with, regarding self-control, then use puppets as a learning tool, to teach how that issue can be changed. Using puppets can help identify how to use, understand, their feelings, verbalize, communicate and give them assurance, so they are redirected to positive changes.

You can create puppets as a learning tool, by using colored construction paper, crayons, markers or purchase puppets from a store that carries puppets. Do role playing with puppets by using different situations that are related to your child. Ask questions from your child, to create role playing. For example,

* How would you feel if someone had more toys than you?

* How would you feel if someone took some of your dolls, toys, or something you treasured?

* How would you feel if your brother, sister or friend, was able to do something that you could not do?

By asking your child some of these questions and other questions, using puppets as a learning tool, and role playing with the puppets, your child will think about some of the behavior that is tolerable and choices he or she will have to choose from to, gain better self-control.

Puppets are a wonderful colorful learning tool that has a lasting effect on children with autism. Remember, to take into consideration, that the whole family can be part of this creative way to help your child have self-control by using puppets.

By using puppets, you can become more aware of the feelings and expressions your child is displaying, and may be having a difficult time with trying to change it.

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