Sunday, May 16, 2010

Autism and Light Therapy - Does it Really Help Autistics?

Neuroscientist and autism survivor, Jean Genet, has identified crystalline structures in the neural pathway that act like developmental switches that connect the brain/computer to its mental, physical, emotional, and speech software.

He believes that the symptoms of autism are created when these developmental switches are damaged by the chemicals present in vaccines. Once these switches are damaged they turn off and cannot make proper contact between the brain/computer and the software that directs the brain on how to properly develop speech, emotional contact, and mental focus thus creating the symptoms of autism.

His research has identified specific brain wave frequencies that the brains uses to repair the seven main developmental switches that connects the brain/computer to its software.

The Rainbow

During the day the brain absorbs the energy from natural sunlight.

This sunlight is made up of seven colors: violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange and red, the colors of the rainbow.

Each one of these colors connect to a developmental switch and generates specific frequencies that help to repair and connect these switches to its appropriate software. When the switches are in proper repair the energy of sunlight keeps the switches ON.

However, the vibrational frequencies in natural sunlight are altered due to chemical pollution in the air and electromagnetic pollution emitting from high voltage power lines and microwave communications thus disabling the healing power of these seven colors.

Working with light engineers, Genet's team has developed a Seven Spectrum Frequency Lighting System that takes the place of natural sunlight. The brain absorbs the frequency energy of the light and uses it to repair and turn ON the developmental switches that connect the brain/computer to its software.

The Seven Spectrum Frequency Lighting System is contained in a rectangular box and displayed in the child's play area.

"What's so great is that lighting system doesn't take up a lot of space. It is small enough to sit on table and the light fills up the room with its energy so the child doesn't need to be directly in front of it.", says Genet.


In the evening, after the child goes to sleep, developmental CDs are used to create the specific frequencies the brain uses to repair the developmental switches. Once repaired the child moves from a reality of autism into a proper reality where all speech, behavioral, and occupational therapies function, and the brain finally reconnects to its software that direct the brain/computer on how to function in a proper reality (where all therapies function in) and how to develop speech, emotional balance, and mental focus.

Learn More About Jean Genet's CD And Autism Alternative Treatment And Read Up On Parent Responses Along With Participating Medical Professionals Using This Combined Autism Speech Therapy.

Karen Newton, Internet Marketer and Author, writes on behalf of and in support of Jean Genet's autism program.

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