Friday, May 14, 2010

Autism Treatment - Probiotics

I want to briefly discuss with you the various types of probiotics that can be used and that are available for different issues that we see in children with special needs. Probiotics in general are considered life promoting organisms that provide much needed food for the digestive tract and are an aid in the utilization of critical vitamins and minerals. Probiotics can also help to stimulate the immune function in the digestive tract as well as work to keep some pathogens like yeast and bacteria in check. So for general support, a multi-flora probiotic supplement would be used for that specific purpose.

And when I say multi-flora probiotic, what I mean is one that includes various forms of acidophilus and bifidobacter bacteria, they can serve almost as a multi-vitamin for the digestive tract and they are considered to be multi-flora probiotics. There are many different varieties of multi-flora probiotics available, Probiotic Support Formula is an example, another example is Therbiotic Complete and a third example is Multi-Flor Spectrum. You can get the Probiotic Support Formula from New Beginnings Nutritionals, Therbiotic Complete is from Klaire Labs and Multi-Flor Spectrum can be found through Kirkman Labs.

Then you can also find probiotics that help with specific treatments and are targeted to help with certain issues. One treatment specific probiotic is a product called Culturelle. Culturelle is a probiotic that contains a certain type of acidophilus known as acidophilus GG. This specific type of probiotic is a very helpful one against a certain bacteria known as clostridia.

There are many different types of clostridia bacteria and this form of acidophilus GG probiotic will target these different types of clostridia bacteria. When performing a stool analysis or an organic acid testing on children with special needs and if we see elevated markers indicative of clostridia bacteria, my first step is usually to suggest using Culturelle probiotic as a long term therapy to help control clostridia bacteria. I will also go into more depth as to the different types of probiotics that can be used in different scenarios in part 2 of this video series.

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