Thursday, May 13, 2010

Autism Research Review of Various Studies and Their Results

The autism research review takes many different directions depending on the theories of each individual research team. One group is investigating urinary analysis because of the group's feeling that autism is actually a metabolic condition cause by the intake of gluten and casein and that the body's inability to properly metabolize them. The feeling is that urine samples will show that the body is unable to get rid of these extra compounds and so prove the point of these ongoing studies.

Other research studies are looking at the environmental factors of autism. There is the belief that multiple genes affect the child who develops autism. As they narrow the field and find which genes are linked to autism they hope to be able to tell parents of an autistic child whether they will have the possibility of having another autistic child. Parents often are afraid to risk another pregnancy though they would like the opportunity to have another child but do not want to risk a pregnancy that may give them another autistic child. This does not mean they do not love their child who is autistic, just that they do not want to have another child who will have to struggle the way an autistic child does.

An autism research review of other studies are looking into diet as a contributing factor in autism. These studies continue on the premise that gluten and casein are bad for the child and eliminate them from their diets. That means no more grain in their diets and no more milk. Then they use heavy doses of Vitamin B6. Unfortunately the results have been mixed. Some children respond to the treatment, while others have shown no differences and still others may have some minor changes. These dietary trials are continuing.

Still another study is experimenting with the use of secretin. The Food and Drug Administration approved this drug for use with gastrointestinal problems. These studies too have proven inclusive with some children showing improvement in sleep habits, eye contact, verbal communication and awareness. Unfortunately just as many showed no changes.

Currently several studies are working on the vaccination theory despite a lot of proof already to the contrary for this to be the cause. Many parents have latched onto this one because it is a common factor among all young children. A pronouncement by the Institute of Medicine said no, this is not the cause of autism. They used in their findings in several studies including one done by the Danish who checked nearly half a million children. They noticed an increase in autism after thimerosal, the supposed culprit in vaccinations, was removed.

Research will continue and we can only hope that eventually the cause and hopefully then a cure will be found for autism.

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