Friday, May 14, 2010

Famous People With Autism

When a child is diagnosed with autism, the normal opinion is that the child will end up spending a lonely life without being able to achieve anything in life. However, this notion is not true. There have been many people with autism who have gone ahead and achieved many things in life and as a result they have become famous and well-known. Also, these people have become role models to many.

One of the most famous people in the world of science was Albert Einstein. He was brilliant. Today, there is some speculation over him suffering from autism. However, this cannot be proven. These speculations are based on how he behaved. He was a loner and did not have any connection to anyone, even his own family. Also, when he would give a lecture, even if there was no one in audience, he would continue with his lecture. All these peculiar behaviors have brought about a theory that even with his brilliance, Einstein was suffering from autism.

Nearly everyone who loves basketball has heard of Jason McElwain. He used to manage the basketball team of his school and was known to practice shooting for hours together all on his own. However, Jason was not allowed to play in the team because of his height and his low playing skills. Nonetheless, in the last game of the playing season, he was allowed to play for 4 minutes in the last quarter. To everyone's surprise, Jason scored 20 points.

It is believed that when Hollywood actress Daryl Hannah was three years old, she was diagnosed with borderline autism. However, this did not stop her and she successfully carved a niche for herself in silver screen. Some other famous people who suffered from varying degrees of autism are Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin, Michelangelo and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

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