Thursday, May 20, 2010

Essential Advice on Giving Children Omega 3 Fish Oil

Before giving children omega 3 fish oil, it is vital that you know what to look for regarding the purity and the different omega 3 levels. Many oils available today still contain traces of toxins from the fish and low levels of the most important omega 3 fatty acid for children.
There have been cases in the UK and in the US where fish oils were removed from sale due to unacceptably high levels of toxins like mercury, lead and PCB's.
In a child these can build up over time as their immune system is not properly formed and potentially lead to health problems later in life and cancel out any benefits gained from the oil.
The best way to avoid this when giving children omega 3 fish oil is to make sure they have been molecularly distilled as this process separates out the toxins from the oil and enhances the omega 3 content.
Occasionally a fish can be so pure as to not need this process in which case it must come with a COA or Certificate of Analysis to prove it. The only one I am aware of is the New Zealand Hoki as it lives in such pristine waters away from any industry and shipping.
The next crucial factor is the amount of DHA fatty acids in a fish oil supplement.
High levels of this have been shown to significantly aid in a child's development, improving verbal ability, hand-eye coordination, vocabulary and even raising their IQ.
For children with ADHD and autism they are especially important and many studies have shown how they help to improve in areas like concentration and mood management as well.
My four year old son has mild autism and within 3 months of giving him quality DHA oils there was a significant improvement in his development, especially speech and cognitive understanding that just would not have happened otherwise.
I would recommended to get 280mg of DHA per 1000mg capsule with around half that of EPA, the other less useful fatty acid.
You also do not need a special supplement when giving children omega 3 fish oil as the kids ones tend to be less pure and contain unnecessary colouring and additives.
If they are not able to swallow, simply pierce a capsule and pour into their morning drink or onto food. Very pure and fresh ones will not have much of a smell and you shouldn't get any complaints!
Regarding dose, one 1000mg capsule a day containing around 50% omega 3 is fine for 2 -8 year olds and then the adult dose of two a day after that.
Now you know what to look for when giving children omega 3 fish oil, you can select the most effective and safest oils with confidence and help to make a significant impact on your child's development now and in the future too.
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